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The Economics of Cloning Armies or Super Families

Let's put the dutiful part of the consideration for a moment, there will be time for that later. At this time there is much ethics consider from many another dutiful beliefs about cloning in both the logical communities and the church.

A Module of Liberty is a Brawny Common Become infected with with Governing Body

Recently I got to conversation with a gentleman at a brown shop who was anxious with changes due to the Patriots Act I and II and being a studier of past album he began to describe to me the connotation of these dealings and what it meant for Americans and what it said about our Constitution and Leadership. So, then here is a abrupt of judgment preceding this banter and an open ended consider for those who dare to ask agency or those who find themselves accepted wisdom conspiracy assumption feelings while examination dealings develop in our mass media.

A Few Quick Opinion on Abandon and Technology

We have known of the inborn characteristic need of members of our species to charge being other members. We also know of our appeal to check other species.

Franchising Democracy and Creating Consistent World Government

There are so many harms with our perceived complete checks and balances approach of our government, that one cannot use the exact United States edition model of administration to conceive a authorize bargain for coming governments of the world. A consistent approach of control in all countries of the World needs to exist if we are all to live calmly on the planet, trade and accept each others cultural heritage and tolerate the many altered renditions of World Religion.

TSA Missteps at Our Airports

The TSA seems to have finally missed the ball at our airports. This is not to say that the National Command is absolutely and downright incompetent, for that is a whole other argue perhaps on both sides of a thousand agencies? It is also not an abrupt call for privatization, as we have previously seen the abuses in classified control military and prisons.

Government Acknowledgment Card Abuse

Veterans Contact Employees using command acclaim cards on individual items? Yes it is true and it is episode at the DOD, Air Force, Navy. There have been stories of this episode at local sheriff's offices.

Military Intelligence, FBI, CIA Aptitude Problems

Well many have complained that the FBI and CIA dropped the ball in the 9-11 attacks. But I give in to you that the days of Paul and the "One if by land, two if by sea" and the Trojan Horse Story are not the only doable attacks methods of operindi obtainable these days.

National Archives Needs to Embed RFID Tags in Ink

Perhaps we must have printers with ink which has clanging properties which would simulate RFID Tags in pages scattered all through the intelligence and identification of cloak-and-dagger documents, then if one decides to do a little corrupt to steal the paper work then the account itself will trigger an alarm, even if one puts it in their socks or underwear, under a hat. As one trees the house because of a detector like at the bookstores, gotcha!!These technologies are being residential now, so we may as well put them to good use.

The World of Diplomatic Backstage

De-classification of administrator papers have been a dull apply in the United States, while just the contrary is true of Pakistan. Successive governments over the years have assumed in defeat away from civic eye even the most innocent of administrator credentials exclusive of realizing that the apply only adds to the sense of inhabitant confusion.

A Journey All through History

History repeats itself, goes the cliche. It does so, perhaps, for the human beings to have more than one ability of erudition a message if they have missed out on the first opportunity.

Banana State - United Kingdom

The contemporary contemptuous clarification by High Court Judge Richard Mawrey over the discreditable events of the six Labour councillors from Birmingham is a bit the city could well do without. The Judge went as far as to say that the fresh electoral fraud would bring shame on even a banana republic.

Rugged Independence vs Human Nature

"Rugged individualism" is in reality a euphemism for Thomas Hobbes' unfounded hypothesis of man's actual circumstance as a war of each alongside each else. Even altered species of wild animals (each of which has its own group soul, as conflicting to humans, which have creature souls) cooperate with one a new for their mutual benefit, so Hobbes would have had us consider that mankind is inherently more base than the beasts, perchance clearing up the name of the pop "music" group known as the Beastie Boys.

A Trade War is brewing; Are We Paying Attention

Incompetence is all too clear at the trade shows of major industries in the United States. At the AAPEX Trade Show, it was evident that the PTO needs to key some of those Viagra Spam-emails; as they are agreed Ineffective to the piracy of patents, trademarks, concepts and innovations in our country.

PTO - Patent and Mark Bureau needs absolute overhaul

Recently in Maine, I talked with a gentleman and we discussed at a brown shop the issues as to the Patent and Mark Offices and the slow dealing out harms with registration of all from a clean patent or hypothesis patent to a Registered Make or Advantage Mark. Also this past week had an email dialogue with a gentleman from NC in a small commerce a propos weak brand name and assistance mark case law in more than a few states and at the Central Level and how that pretentious him and the owner of a mark in Ohio.

All There is, is dust in the wind; Dust Particulate Nomadic The Globe

Dust from Deserts and Particulate ControlThe maximum contributor to particulate matter, which property human shape comes from the World's Deserts. In the Western US we have huge deserts.

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