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Counter Intelligence: Precise Words to Depict Our Contact with Islamic Terrorists!

Introduction:Although politicians and so-called "Intelligence Experts" are the ones appearing on TV, discussing and relaying the news on the War or Terror, they are far from the ones who in point of fact have something to do with the war on terror. As in the past so it is today, the real preparation in the war on terror goes on in copse ops-rooms by the real "Spooks" from the three dispatch agencies: CIA, MIA, ISI, MI-5, MI-6, GRU and the FSB, just to name a few of the major players.

Bodyguard Guidance in Mexico; My Experiences While As long as BG Exercise in Mexico

Mexico the fatherland of Salsa, Tortillas and Corruption; I first here in Mexico City in February 2002 as an teacher for the WFB - the World Alliance of Bodyguards. A Mexican guarantee assistance had contracted Anders Sorenson, the Norwegian WFB mentor and I, to set-up a exercise agenda for BG's in Mexico.


As you know Delta Airlines is close to bankruptcy. Their earnings is less than their outgo.

Politicians Are Like Car Sales People

Well, a different appointment has come and gone in the US and no be important which way you voted there are some critical marketing schooling to learn.First, you need to put aside the canvass idiom and focus on the line of attack and tactics and there are a come to of clear winners for both sides.

Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority

[Author's Note: A further essay that I wrote on note pad paper at some stage in boring drill hours. This brilliant a small amount piece was early in boring English class on Tuesday, November 26, 2002, and constant into Art class.

Plastics In Our Nations Dumps and Landfills

Long Term Environmental Achieve of Plastics, Composites and Other Resources on Underground Water Goods by means of Escape and Decay.Today we see old airliners lined up in the desert, which are made of aluminum for the most part.

From Democracy to Omniocracy

Clint Eastwood freshly plunged into the murky biased pond with his statement, "Extremism is so easy. You've got your position, and that's it.

Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America

It can be precarious to engage in free speech. This year alone, 242 journalists, in countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, have been tossed into jail for their words, and one has been killed.

The True Power of Terrorism

Those of us hundreds of miles from bring down zero sat glued to our tube sets with horror and doubt as two of the tallest buildings in the world gradually disintegrated in a violence of dust and death.Since that brilliant September break of day in 2001, none of us have felt the same.

The Politics Of The American Dream

The American Dream is the assure to have it all and enjoy it all. It's been overvalued and sentimentalized as a utopian goal not just by the media and Hollywood stars, but also by businesses and politicians, together with the Leader of the United States.

Colonel Boyd on Incomplete War and Iraq Victory

In discussing the OODA Loop conjecture on Imperfect War by Colonel Boyd with in the background and patterns of conflict, it appears that we as a homeland have ancient history the other options dictated by preceding conflicts in the works of von Clauswitz "On War" in that we are disregarding such options and scenarios entirely. In our effort to move the human race into a atypical space we are also shifting the assumption of war in order to do so.

Secret Concealed Facial Detection Countermeasures and The Expectations of the CIA

Presently Universities and Concealed Activity are effective to build more robust "Facial Credit Technologies" due to the Home Guarantee Funding for such delve into this field continues to grow. Anti-Terrorist hard work are a worldwide goal, so we are distribution this technologies with allies for use in their countries.

The Dawn On The Nile Valley Has Secrets To Tell!

Amnesty Intercontinental commentary on the offer that has been laid out by Head Obasnjo the Chairman of the African Union in regards to the Sudanese Darfurian issue.The Nigerian Leader future to have an "African Panel for Criminal Evenhandedness and Reconciliation" to deal with the crimes committed by the authoritarian regime in Sudan.

Lack of Peace, Accomplishment Dangerous Mass

You have in front of you two buttons, one is green the other is black. The green close represents peace and love, the black do up represents war and hate and you were put in allegation of choosing what the rest of humanity will be subjected to on earth.

Is it just hubris, or ...?

In what the Americans love to depict as the war on terror, there have been no clear winners even despite the fact that it has been physically going on now for over three years. By the looks of it, the altercation among the United States of America and its perceived enemy will outlive the Agree with World War at least in terms of duration, if naught else.

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