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Look! America Take a Look!

I heard on the news this week how America continues to argue to bring democracy in Iraq. The colonize of Iraq especially don't seem to want a free land governed by their own people.

News Media Misguided or Just Plain Liars?

Last week, the media coverage called the airliner crash in Canada a miracle as all of the passengers survived. However, what they are occupation a miracle is certainly teamwork.

Cindy Sheehan - Leader Bush and the Responsibility Moment

Death may not be grand in any light but the way it is perceived, handled and after all dealt with can be under a selection of state of affairs even less dignified. The cause Cindy Sheehan has undertaken may or may not be commendable depending on who you ask.

Will They Fumigate Vagabonds and Drunkards in Belarus?

In Belarus assembly is going to struggle with erosion of the Belarus society. Deputy Kostjan in his account optional cursory the law on violent sterilization of the citizens most important asocial way of life.

John Kerry as a Prosecutor?

Prosecutors with supporting ambitions are known to amend the truth or deny confirmation in order to get a conviction. It is so customary in fact that the superior the supporting ambitions the superior the bad ness of their possession as a prosecutor.

Immigration: Ten Points to Ponder

1. Why is it that no one seems to notice, much less ever mention, that the World Bank and the IMF have implemented efficient actions that have left large sections of their populations unemployed and destitute? (The illegals are not doing this, you see, but this inhabitants is easier to argument and is more powerless than the World Bank and the IMF.

Employment Legislation: Future Employment Law Changes - To Take Bring about 1 October 2005

Proposed changes to the Sex Discrimination Act ("SDA") 1975 and the Equal Pay Act ("EPA") 1970 under the amended Equal Action Directive (2002/73/EC) will be implemented on 1 October 2005. To make certain that your company's policies comply with these anticipated reforms desire associate us at enquiries@rtcoopers.

Liberalism - A Mark Too Low A Price Too High

After the dance the piper must be paid. To help us analyze the cost of paying the piper we will have a loan of from the math of physics.

Making Peace with Our Ancestors and Neighbors

As a answer of the conflict examination assignment and a workshop conducted beforehand this year by the Liberia Cooperation Infrastructure Program, (LCIP), participants indicated a beefy antipathy of ex-combatants by the war pretentious cooperation foremost to established refinement ceremonies. Sentiments from both tribes indicated a mutual approval/acceptance of the Zalakai/Zalayei accepted curative process; only being assisted by LCIP.

Social Collateral Rant

As the Baby Boomer Age bracket go on to get older, one of the hot topics will carry on to be Collective Security. Critics claim that Collective Confidence is going bankrupt, and that it needs to be privatized as soon as possible, or ancestors will lose their benefits.

Government Employees and Lawyers Gyratory Door Rule Needed

We need more error and clearness in government. We need to keep our control personnel decent and forthright.

The Wage-Productivity Gap

The most hurtful dynamic to our cheap today is the Wage-Productivity gap. This refers to the augment in the hourly amount produced of employees vs.

The Internet Right - Are They Doing It Right

It looks general like the liberals are advocating for no lines to be drawn on most matters. The right insists there are lines, very clear and central lines.

Rants by Lance: BRAC Agency Talks Extraneous Completely

It is amazing we have so many men, who fit in to the furthermost armed forces in the description of mankind, pussy grip around. The politics of BRAC are not in line with the certainty of defending our nation.

Intellectual Property: The ECJ Extends the Use of Trade Marks to Goods and Services

The European Court of Evenhandedness ("ECJ") ruled in Praktiker Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte (C 418/02) that a trade mark that is now in use by a business on its goods can be extensive to cover the army provided by this company.A DIY trader Praktiker Märkte, filed for registration with the Deutsches Patent und Markenamt (the German Patent and Trade Mark Office) of the mark PRAKTIKER in accept of the slogan 'retail trade in building, home convalescence and farming goods for the do-it-yourself sector.

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