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The Dragons

I hope to bestow a early point for the critical scholar engrossed in the all crucial Chanes of Essential America and convert researchers to look into the Egyptian dragons (crocodiles) and Chinese as well. I believe the Li or Lee children of Merovingians has some association to the Nestorian and Basilian types long beforehand the Kuomintang which Andre Malraux knew was a high level Masonic structure.

Six Sigma Can Better Authority Practices

Government bodies at any level, local, state, and Federal, can execute Six Sigma to convalesce client benefit and add to the effectiveness of government. While Six Sigma has its roots in private-sector manufacturing, it works just as actually in legislative organizations and administration will reap the same profit as corporations.

Genetically Custom-made Plants Could Befit Sentinels for the Military

As concerns grow over the menace of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction, Penn State Academy genetic researchers are running on an early alarm arrangement -- the abstract canary in the mineshaft -- that could be as inconspicuous and ever-present as plants in a landscape. This "canary" is a especially engineered plant or group of plants intended to discover and gesture the apparition of many destructive substance or biological agents.

Using More Trees to Bring down Atmospheric CO2

As large-scale warming continues to go up the concerns of today's scientists, the centralized authority has been costs millions in delve into in an endeavor to cut hothouse emissions, the substance that has been attributed with the amplify in globe fever since the commencement of the 20th century.Greenhouse gases---largely comprised of carbon dioxide--- is a artifact of burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Illegal Colonization - No Sign of Slowing Down

The Colonization and Naturalization Benefit (INS) estimated that there were 7 million banned aliens residing in the United States in January 2000. According to INS, 69% of this not permitted colonist people was from Mexico.

PA Congressional Pay Hike Raises Eyebrows

While many Pennsylvanians are struggling to amount out how they can pay their real estate taxes ahead of the end-of-the-year deadline, the PA assembly not only votes an extra $11,403 onto their base pay, but those on agency chairs be given an further $4,050. Communication in terms of percentage, the pay hikes ranged from 16% - 34%, while most of their constituents are lucky to see a 3% raise.

A Deal Made With Ireland

SYNOD OF DRUM CEATT (494 - 5):It is exciting to abide by that the dominant minister of the Extensive Cathedral at this Synod was Columcille who we know as St. Columba.

What Did You Do In The War Daddy?

This is the first of a run of four articles where my uncle, the late Mr Gordon Bessant is conversation to Mr Joe Hieatt-Smith about life all through the war years. They taped these reminiscences in 1996.

Wartime Britain & Belongings Look Bleak

This is the agree with of a progression of four articles about life in Britain in the 1940's. My uncle the late Mr Gordon Bessant is chatting to Mr Joe Hieatt-Smith.

Death and Destruction and the Run Up to D Day

This is the third in a short chain of four articles about the dealings in Britain in the 1940's. My late uncle Mr Gordon Bessant is conversation to Mr Joe Hieatt-Smith.

Preparing to Invade Japan

This is the fourth and final condition in a chain recollecting Britain in the 1940's. My uncle, the late Mr Gordon Bessant is forceful his memories to Mr Joe Hieatt-Smith.

Thomas Paine / Jefferson

Conor MacDari was a Mason but his Sandstone deplored the British 'alehouse and inn denizens'. Jim Shaw and many other top Masons have in print as much truth as they know.

The FIRST Ancestors of the United States

The Randolphs:Peyton Randolph was the first Head of the United States and he is a nobleman. I know he is carefully associated with the Hapsburgs who lived near the Randolphs and later the Duponts.

Gasoline Prices Going By means of the Roof

OH MAN!Here we go again. I guess now the "proof is in the pudding" and it is time for us to face reality.

End Time Clock Ticking Away?

Earlier this month, I heard Leader George W. Bush and Mahmoud Abbas, the Prime Minister of the Palestinians dialect of a different Peace Treaty with Israel.

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