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Transporting Troops in the Future

Currently when we bring troops we use large cargo planes or put all the troops onto airliners or charter large Boeing Jet Airliners to send them near the battlespace, but in the expectations we will be able to put them to sleep, pack them into small honeycomb chairs and convey 1000 or more troops in cargo container type modules. Sounds inhumane? It isn't, let me describe why.

The Cost of the COLD WAR

Many colonize who are connoisseur in the issue of the Oswald's rifle are able to obviously determine that the best marksman in the world could not have done what that one rifle was believed to have done. I believe once the story was manufactured they had to stick with it beforehand they knew about the bounce off and other evidence.

How to Deal with Poverty

A Answer FOR EMPLOYMENT Troubles TO AID IN THE FIGHT Adjacent to POVERTYI know that with globalization the coming looks brighter and brighter for many people: But will many ancestors also be left at the back of in this going up economy? I know that with knowledge going up as it is, many of the jobs that essential more human energy are becoming extinct while other types of jobs that be of special concern to more expert expertise are being created. Now do the jobs bent by this escalating knowledge compensate for the loss of jobs in the non-tech sector, bearing in mind also the going up people about the world? Two tribulations arise.

The Pilgrims and Fire Hill Mob

In 1966, Dr. Carroll Quigley, a professor of annals at the Alien Ceremony Drill of Georgetown Academic world and an member of staff of the Tri-Lateral Agency who clued-up or blew the whistle on them; in print a 1311 page book called Tragedy and Hope: A Account of the World in Our Time.

Arbitrageous Outrageous and Immoral

Back-Dooring the CSIS:The US and Israel have admitted they back-doored Canada's top cloak-and-dagger cpu for about eight years. They did not admit it until they were exposed so we can assume they are still doing this kind of thing.

The Route to Democracy

Fifteen hours is a tremendous barrier. It is the difficulty preventing one village from attaining the assistance of a further and extant a drought.

Are American Twins - Bulk Rule and Communal Opinion, Every now and then Just a Fasten of Dumbbells?

The idea that the bulk shows the will of the citizens is a cute good fix for now but it is not exclusive of its faults and weaknesses. That all decides to do a bit with one will is not now nor has ever been the agree of a accurate decision, bearing or amount of any kind.

Justice Area Behind the War on Boulevard Gangs

The Fair dealing Administrative area is at it again; promoting themselves in the mass media attempting to assure us we are safe. This time they are grandstanding a few arrests of alleged gang members.

Army Recruiting Dilemma Discussed

Currently the US Army is having attention recruiting. These harms stem from the disbelief of parents who lived thru the Vietnam War, as they commit to memory the digit of soldiers killed and would favor their offspring are not needlessly sacrificed.

Bio Act of violence Citizens Unready

We are told by out leadership that we risk loss of American life from a Bio-Attack. This is quite a scary notion.

World Power Brokers Readying for WWIII

Einstein when ask how did he deem WWIII would be fought said that he didn't know, but replied; "WWIV will be fought with brushwood and stones!" A scary notion indeed; bet we all hope he is wrong about that. Yet as we look at the World today and the differences, which break free our world and allot us as one inimitable species on the ascend of this pale blue dot, one has to see the logic of Einstein's prediction.

War with Red China Eminent Now

An irresponsible Chinese Common made a very forceful criticism recently. He acknowledged that when China takes over Taiwan, that the United States change for the better not interfere if not China would be affected to get even with nuclear weapons aligned with the United States.

Lawyers and Franchising

It is amazing how the Centralized Trade Administration has ruined franchising, by advertising the business out to lawyers. We need to have answerability for the regulators and we can start by firing the head of the Franchising Group at the Centralized Trade Appointment and everybody who has worked in that area in the last 6-10 years.

Vision India - 2025 (Expectations of an Everyday Person)

IntroductionThe way one lyrist has written, "Hum logo ko samajh sako to samjho dilbar jaani; jitna bhi tum samjhoge utni hogi hayerani"?in a nut-shell we Indian's are most "unpredictable". When the expectations are low?we have performed exceedingly well and converse to that when expectations were very high?most of the time we have botched to live up to those expectations.

Jihad Will Continue

The Jihad anti the Western World will continue. It will also carry on alongside the Eastern World next.

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