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Public Schools Are Un-American

Compulsory-attendance laws force parents to send their brood to broadcast schools. These laws believe that the politicians we vote into office, our agents, have the right to take away parents' liberty and indisputable rights.

Socialist Community Schools In America

Many parents might think it a bit farfetched to equate our communal schools to schools in socialist or leninist countries. However, if we look closer, we will see beautiful similarities connecting the two systems.

The Irrationality of the Community Drill Monopoly

The notion that local governments ought to have more or less total monopoly check over our children's learning is not only one-sided and tyrannical, it is also absurd. Offspring need education, to be sure, but they also need food, clothing, and shelter.

American Eugenics

"When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong you cannot be too conservative." - Dr.

Mother Russia and Poland

When Boris Yeltsin spoke about an experimentation that 'they' bent upon his Russian 'brethren' on June 1st, 1991; did a person ask who THEY were? Here is what he said:"Our land has not been lucky. Indeed, it was categorical to carry out this Collectivist conduct test on us -? In its place of some countryside in Africa, they began this carry out trial with us.

Is Convention Going to Lay the Base to Comprise Instruction with the Steroid Legislation?

As of late steroid use in sports has been the topic of dialogue by the media. From Jose Conseco appearing on Donnie Deustch's "The Big Idea" which airs on CNBC to Assembly looking to pass legislation to control steroid use in expert sports.

Between Hiroshima Japan 6 Imposing and the NY 11 September!

Japan lit its candles of pure, "noble sadness" on the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The mayor of the late city, Iccho Itoh, criticized the USA for dipping the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima on Imposing 6, 1945 and subsequent that after 3 days by the be with atomic bomb which attacked Nagasaki.

Unemployment Iraqi Style

Let's put it all into perspective: the U.S.

Lets Call A Spade A Spade

Much of our own and cultural perspective on the world is highlighted by the dialect in which our concepts and ideas are couched. Varying that idiom can hence alter our attitudes about what we hear and see.

The Black Flag Of Anarchy

Rational, sober, consistent citizens admiration what faithfully the terrorists want. What drive does it serve to fly planes into buildings, kill and maim control recruits by the hundreds, or blow up childlike commuters on mass transit? Such a cast doubt on carries the conjecture that there is a goal concealed beneath the madness.

Conspiracy Theory; Kill Off the Old Folks

Recently I met a man in a brown shop, a conspiracy theorist, which had me cornered and began to get into a way-out conspiracy theory. As I listened to this crazy idea, he complained about all the usual folks.

How Can You Have True Candor if They Check Every Air of Your Life?

Freedom is in the eyes of the beholder. In Collective Countries the populations are told they have a good life and a great life's purpose, at the bottom of the countryside and leadership with a much desired and chief job.

We Must Chronicle AIDS Carriers and Homosexual Men

It is a law that we catalog deadly weapons with the authorities. It is a law that if you are a black belt in a Belligerent Art, that you must chronicle your hands as a deadly stick in many states.

Dealing with Bulky Prisoners of War

In the last Gulf War we saw thousands of enemy soldiers benevolent up. Butchery them is adjacent to Geneva Agreement and they know it.

Ground Gas Canisters for Land Mines

Land Mines have been one of the most evil left overs of any war. Land mines solve many harms for those land territory from being over run.

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