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Pierre Dupont de Nemours

After arranging the Resolution that ended or advanced outstanding issues after the Revolutionary War Pierre Dupont de Nemours came to join the Crowned heads together with the Hapsburgs who were active near Jefferson and other esoteric Merovingians in and about Delaware. He and his category became chief arms manufacturers and it is acceptable to bear in mind what Eisenhower said in his Military-Industrial Center speech.

People Say - and Do - the Dumbest Things

When Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector exercised his right to free address last week, he prompted a quick rejoinder from Robert Bork. Known for being the first Supreme Court Evenhandedness contender to be, well, "borked," the judge was in no mood for Spector's silliness.

The G-8 and Other Figureheads

The Presidents Beforehand Washington:From the minute that the first Declaration of Freedom in Mecklenburg, North Carolina took place (if not before) there were ancestors important the cause of American Independence. But the Presidents of the Continental Convention opening with Peyton Randolph must be well thought-out as key information in the chronicle of this face called America.

Government Backed Fraud in Academia

Contrary to the Hobbesian prediction of anarchy (freedom) and bestial or blocked domino effect in the event that elites (often termed 'beneficent paternalism') aren't fostered: we find lots of confirmation that team play and open governmental arrange in fact creates more elegant and productive governance. Lincoln Thrilling in Cleveland is a well-documented case of how allotment the wealth and dependability builds consultation and profit.

Confession of a King

Rufus King: (Said to be the fifth most central anyone in the founding of America by a new researcher.)I have also obtainable a great deal of possibility-thinking in regards to the elite families and their noble lineages or genetic manipulations as well as the Merovingians that bring in the likes of the Randolphs and Churchills.

Dismal Accomplishment of the NSA

The NSA disastrous the American associates and allowable the act of violence to occur on 9-11-2001. They had near an ad lib account to work with, accomplished interagency trumping power and more data than God.

How to Tell When Control Regulators are Shopping You

In this day and age of tattletale, whistleblower heroes and homosexual bureaucrats with an axe to grind, we often find administration regulators mission up commerce citizens to try to ensnare them. As a affair of fact one worthless action called the FTC - Centralized Trade Appointment will often call up Biz Op companies and crack to get them to say a touch they shouldn't.

Ronald Reagan is Right

Why is it that every free thing command does; it does not do well? Why is it that every lone confound of any real hurt is caused by the government? Why is it that every time command screws up AGAIN, we are told that they will fix the problem? Yah right? When has administration ever fixed anything? Ronald Reagan once said the most scary words in the English Idiom were; "Hi, I'm from the Government; and I am here to help you!" he later said when asked about that quote that he could not repudiate it and existing guidance to anybody who hears it; "RUN" he said.Let's face it you do not have to be Ronald Reagan to know when you are being fed a line of malarkey.

Thoughts Born of Tragedy ...


The Rosicrucian Commission of Three

THE ROSICRUCIAN Commission OF THREE:A Thelema/OTO director who became a Mason in 2003 told me that I am silly to talk about the Rosicrucian Assembly of Three for the reason that it is no longer in existence. Yes Clymer, Paine and Franklin are all dead physically even though the intrigues and rituals to prolong life that these associates often do use.

Lyndon Johnson - The Day After Dallas

J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ used to enjoy scrutiny Hoover's agent filmed blackmail corroborate for all Washington movers and shakers and we are now a lot more aware of the description of the unelected Despot who rulled for five decades.

Thune Republicans: Impulsive Contacts of the Effective Person?

The Right's argument of John Thune in the Dan Nelson/MetaBank MetaGate absorb has taken an odd twist: the Daschlistas lost citizens their jobs at DNA.Sen.

Lets Make Some Equipment Clear about John Thune/Dan Nelson/MetaBank MetaGate

Let's make one thing clear: This Dan Nelson Automotive failure is not the bloggers' fault, not KELOLAND's fault, not the Iowa Attorney General's fault, not my fault. Let's take a look.

Global/Israeli Corruption!

What depth of blind madness has inflicted itself upon Israel's politicians, and such as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice?!!??So, in order to bring about alarm contained by the ranks of those challenging the Disengagement, a individually taught "Gestapo/KGB type" unit is to be deployed a week already the Withdrawal begins, to completely deactivate the "settlers," and to drag announce leaders from their beds in the average of the night.

Anyone Awake Out There?

As we reel from the news of the fresh bombings in London, England, it is present upon all of us to examine, seriously, why such attacks by Islamic Extremists are occurring. We cannot combat what we do not understand, let alone try to wage an effective war aligned with such an insidious enemy.

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