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How to Befall a Whistle Blower

Since the United States Control is promoting the whistle blower idea it is every citizens duty to account fraud and abuse of power in any arm of government. We must have an equal and level live field.

Osama bin Laden Needs a Pay Raise

Osama bin Laden in all probability needs to get a pay raise, as he has not sent in any new videos lately to scare us via Al Jezerz TV. Where oh where has our hardly dog gone? We need OBL to keep us in fear.

Is This All There Is?

In today's Rants from Lance conference I adopt the distrust many American's are asking them selves? Is this all there is? I for myself have a amount of questions along this theme? I held it, when I was told of the American Dream and when I found out it was a lie; I sought after to scream. I worked hard, did every thing right tried the best I could and was able to sleep at night.

Cuba: Havana the Good

When North Americans argue Cuba, they constantly focus the intense poverty of Cuba. I hope to endow with my readers with insights into the a range of collective programs existing for the Cuban population, exclusively for colonize with disabilities.


Judgment and detective work requires accepted wisdom about possibilities. One of the equipment I'd been accepted wisdom for a long time relates to the use of the Plague and other biologics anti the North American people.

MORAL ARMORS Fabricate 911: Refuting Michael Moore

Michael Moore asserts the subsequent in his following film Fahrenheit 9/11:Con #1. Bush nepotism the Bin Laden children over American interests.

The Nurse of All Biased Battles Has Begun!

News is distribution of the retirement of Supreme Court Acceptability Sandra Day O'Connor, backdrop up a biased campaign the likes never beforehand seen. This is the first of what could be numerous openings in the not too detached future.

Hitlers Categorical Christianity... Unleashing the Loyal Church

There is nothing-absolutely nothing-insofar as opinionated power when it is under girded by morality, chiefly when that morality embraces the dilution of the Christian religion. This is what Adolph Hitler held upon, amplified, and nourished: One Reich, one Reich's Church.

Will Gay Wedding Slow Down AIDS Crisis

It is commonly known in the Homosexual Male Populations that the promiscuity is astronomically high. The AIDS emergency has lost a hardly momentum in the United States in heterosexual populations in fresh years due to awareness.

Debt Relief and Certainty Check

The United States and other first world nations have been asked to forgive debts of distant third world nations. We have obliged in doing so.

Dealing With UK Water Rates Debts: What You Need To Know

UK Water RatesYOU CANNOT BE DISCONNECTED FOR WATER RATES DEBTSWater companies can no longer disconnect your water bring in if you are in arrears. The rules misrepresented on 30th June 1999.

Responding to Article: Logic Class 101 Practical to the Minuteman Project

In rejoinder to Douglas Bower's article; Logic Class 101 Functional to the Minuteman Cast and on going topic of the BS at our borders, I wish to comment. First I agree with the Professor a propos the expression and questionable clarification from the Detailed Men, I agree with the awkward liability, I agree with our own inhabitant argue that few in our populace see the issues on both sides.

More Devastating Than a Nuclear Bomb

Despite their signature on the Biological Weapons Conference of 1975, it has been reported that China has the most far ahead contemporary germ competition collection in the world at Xian, Shaanxi province.As proof, in sequence obtained using the Abandon of In order Act shows that in 1997 Clinton admin officials accepted central processing unit exports to a known Chinese germ competition lab not including an end use inspection.

The Halakah and Neo Cons

These leaders like the Rothschilds who backed Crowley's Enclosed Order of the Blonde Dawn or Hitler's Fair Centurion groups about the world, have members of their De Brix clan who have been adept at esoterics for a very long time. When Cosimo De Medicis paid to have the Body Hermeticum translated and put his clan name on the book (De Brix) he was not the first 'dabbler' in these arts from this family.

Protecting Kids From Porn

There's a new Michigan state chronicle (at https://www.protectmichild.

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