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TABOR: The Increasing Taxpayer Bill of Civil rights Advance and Financial Incentives for Industry

A article blast one of the major grassroots initiatives distribution diagonally the country: the Taxpayer Bill of Civil liberties (TABOR) movement.

Question Authority

Policemen in many US cities are charming their new agency over the terrorism issue way too seriously. They are using it as a argue to annoy our citizenry.

Quality of Life and Freedom, One-sided Discussion

City Governments is their quest for; "quality of life" often lose sight of the revenue course which derives the money to run their city. Of classes this trend has been going on a very long time.

Politicians Will Save Civilization

Most politicians are absolutely out to lunch and fully Crafty by nature, they cannot be trusted. We tend to elect the most controlling politicians to elevated offices and condemn the one's who especially care.

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Soldiers and Their Psyche

Have you noticed that the when the assistance men who have been killed in battle in this war, that the journalists go badger the families and girlfriends or wives of the fallen soldiers? All through these interviews I could not help but advertisement that the infantry warriors killed had girlfriends or wives who were full figured ethnic woman or young ladies. The inner city kind with the tough attitude; Why is this? I have quite a few ideas why.

Paid Assassins

The civil war in Iraq seems to be much more mild than some had been predicted. Many pundits painted a doom and gloom scenario out of control.

US Command Regulators and Aides with AIDS

All control regulators or ambassador who are in high risk categories for contracting AIDS as well as boss aides in our nations center who routinely move abroad must be veteran if they have any drug account or are homosexual. Other wise our aides and diplomats will be exporting AIDS.

Great Melting Pot Indeed

An attention-grabbing dialogue that I attention I must share with you. Today in a brunette shop in the United States of America the business be relevant twisted to South of the Border.

The Gay Male Agenda for Following Dominance

I would like to pose a question. I am unsure if you have noticed what I have with regards to Homosexual males in the United States, but sense they are heartbreaking their agenda nearer and earlier and we are as more and more Corporations are catering to this group.

Gas Prices and the Bearing of Inflation

Year Item Price Rate of Inflation 03/80 Petrol (per gallon) 1.252 03/05 Petrol (per gallon) 2.

Illegal Aliens and Land of your birth Security; Rants from Lance 2003

Is it just me or are you afraid that against the law aliens were operational on a nuclear sea in San Diego? Is it just me or are you upset that 81,000 associates come over the border in Laredo TX every day to shop and from there can go just about everywhere if they time their pass through correctly? Is it just me or are you anxious that we only have our boundaries held in one direction, appearance into the country? Is it just me or are you afraid about the two houses with tunnels from Mexico to the US with handrails and lighting and bond sides, roof and floor that was just found, but had been there for two decades? At least it was ADA Compliant?We be a nuisance our own associates yet let equipment like this go by our so-called enforcement agencies. Government's job as outlined in the Constitution is to keep our people.

Peace in the Center East

Peace in the Center East - whoa that is a toughie.You have millennia of sheople being led about by the nose while abusing their mothers and daughters on both (or all eight or nine) sides of the issue and then there is all that oil that corpserists assistance the US are in need of.

MORAL ARMOR Condemns Home and Affair Abduction Law

Nothing could be more alarming for Americans than what I read this morning: "The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses - even alongside their will - for classified efficient development." This is a appalling moral atrocity to commit alongside Americans and must be reversed.

The Bush There Or Here Fallacy and the War in Iraq

Today we wish to assay a fallacy, or error in reasoning, which we have found springing up now and again in today's accepted communication about the so-called War On Terror. This one comes above-board from the top -- well, not the VERY top -- but from Washington D.

The Assignment For A New American Century

Let the booklover be reminded, that this authenticate we are quoting, which can be easily viewed at PNAC's website, (Rebuilding America's Defenses), was drafted in 1998, based on a certificate that was existing to the White House in 1992! Of avenue I assume in the eyes of the ceaseless Christian supporter of the American New World Order and the George Bush White House, the fact that the world is now fulfilling this certificate TO A TEE, could be entirely coincidence. The fact that the American Control has put on a show of tragedy and disappointment in the public's eyes, pretending that none of this was considered or intended, and has pretended to be bowled over and overcome by these things, when they noticeably confirmed them 12 years ago, as basic goals to "project American power athwart the globe" is ahead of the scope of your be an average of American Christian's comprehension, while he argues that this is a holy nation.

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