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NASA Financial plan Space Ferry Thoughts

Regarding the issues with the Space Take and the in escape explosion of the Columbia. I accept as true that of avenue that hindsight is all the time easy to use to place blame, nevertheless we must carry on the course and the Space Carry as it sits may not be the best expertise as newer know-how is now accessible for re-useable craft such as;http://www.

Shooting About Corners with New Concept

Currently the United States has weapons, which can shoot about corners, but they are not as perfect as we wish them to be. Often an guerrilla will sit a top a construction with a advanced vantage point and a good location.

Ex-CIA Folks are Problematic

Those who are above the law or act as such are a difficult job for civilizations. Maybe this is why the CIA is so efficient in screwing up other nation's government.

US Army in Catch 22 on Gays Issue

Many of those who wish to fight for our land come from families with bright ideals of freedom. Most of them are brawny Christians in fact.

Steel Tubing Tariffs Prove that NAFTA Still Needs Work

The North American Trade Bargain (NAFTA) was implemented on January 1, 1994. An addition of the earlier Canada-U.

Howard Deans Big Fat Mouth

"The only time I open my mouth is when I altercation feet . .

Elliot Spitzer Sued By Feds

It appears the Feds are suing Elliot Spitzer over his lawsuits in the Finance Industry. The New York State Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer is in receipt of sued by the Company of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

When Opinionated Accuracy in NOT a Virtue

The other day I was mark punched, hoodwinked, bamboozled, had the wool pulled over my eyes, and in general sidelined by an connoisseur in Opinionated Correctness. In fact, so sidelined did I get that I have been depressed for a week-and I mean certainly depressed.

Hitler - Bush

Hitler conventional a birthright from his Rothschild relations in Vienna where he and his member of the clergy beforehand him had studied. The De Medicis agent named St.

The Civic Is Enemy Digit One

There is a touch egregiously wrong about a administration that will not eavesdrop to its citizens in particular in, dare I say it, a democracy.Poll after poll warns that ancestors are disparate to the government's baseless solutions for communal security, they are different to the Medicaid cuts and they are contrasting to assembly in general, attitude screening the adult years of colonize deem those on the hill are doing a poor job overall.

Do Not Tell The Truth

Do you certainly want to get ahead in your life? Do you want to grow a big business actually large? Do you want to be powerful? Well then do what works. For case the United States Command is big and powerful.

FTC Fitting SPAM?

Is the National Trade Appoint certainly stopping SPAM? Is the FTC and all of our tax dollars doing any good dipping SPAM? Why do we even concern to pretend? Did the FTC begin to have that its media hype alone would scare the spammers into quitting? The FTC is quite arrogant in that case. They spent over a year having meetings demanding to delimit what SPAM in reality was; then when we ask for a develop article as the SPAM had amplified they say: "We are running on it, we need to redefine SPAM.

Count Rumford

Why did FDR say Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Count Rumford were the three most central Americans? (1) Why did the Holy Roman Empire and the Hapsburgs make Benjamin Thompson a nobleman? James Bond had nil on this man of mystery.FDR lauds their intellect and does not say why they were truly all that important.

Freedom on the Internet

Throughout all recorded account on our lovely a small amount planet, Earth's human beings have been alarmed with a few main ideals. One of these is the idea of freedom.

Media and the Iraq War, Some Arbitrary Belief Certainly 2001

Here are some miscellaneous belief on issues many of which are attitude and must be looked at as such, some are not even my attitude but opinions of citizens I have talked with and wished to pass on. The first item I wish to converse is the World News coverage which is anti-American.

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