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Anti Government, Pro Democracy

Many Americans feel betrayed by their government, our government. I in recent times met a gentleman at a brown shop who said he was; Anti-Government and Pro-Democracy.

Philosophical Judgment from a Road Warrior; Part II

Continued belief while compelling down the road in a huge semi; cell appreciation center, the miles click by, but the mind flies thru time at the speed of thought.Yet as we beforehand approached Socialism at a rapid rate and nearer than anytime in our chronicle for the duration of the before 8 years admin we did not allow for it.

NASA and the Emergency On board MIR

Some citizens say that we cannot put a colony on the Moon. Some say we do not have the knowledge to do this? Some citizens say it is too perilous and it costs too much to sustain life that far away from the Earth.

Government Alteration Helps People

Well the title is definite Bull Crap, but this condition is correct. Command alteration kills people.

Suicide Prevention in Prisons

Prison guards and corrections professionals are hard at work insuring that suicides do not take place. They have exceptional attire, suits, straps, rubber rooms and event blankets, which cannot be tied in knots.

The United States Control Owes Arthur Anderson 16 Billion Dollars

Since the court case was over crooked adjacent to Arthur Anderson in the Enron scandal, the United States Administration owes Arthur Anderson sixteen billion dollars. This money must be taken out of the Evenhandedness Departments fund for pensions for all the authority people and paid to the dented Arthur Anderson partners.

Are Community Defense Concealed Financial statement a Good Deal or Raw Deal for African Americans?

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Passion the tail a leg doesn't make it a leg. -- Abraham LincolnWhew! I approximately wrote a especially long condition about the Common Defense Coordination and what it means to Black folks.

MORAL ARMORS Financially viable Advice for Americans

For years we've suffered under recession, prompting us to ask, When will it end? My key is, "It's only the beginning."Historically, recessions are the conclusion of high activity rates, short of up as the conclusion of loose money policies.

The Civil War - FOGC

Thomas Jefferson wrote a correspondence to Lafayette in 1823 that went as follows: "I do not deem with the Rochefoucaults and Montaignes, that fourteen of fifteen men are rogue. I consider a great abatement from that amount may be made in favor of broad-spectrum honesty.


In the words of a classified agent who has signed the Allowed Secrets Act in Britain we find the rationale for what command and supranational organizations have been concerned in since Cleopatra, Christopher Marlowe and his own direct predecessors Crowley and Ian Fleming. David Barrett tells us:"Although the policies of 'need-to-know' and 'compartmentalized knowledge' can at times cause more attention than they're worth, there are very judicious reasons for them; there are many clothes which do compel the main levels of secrecy.

Is Inflation Harmful

Q. Ought to the Administration be anxious if the CPI rises to 5% ?The Govt set the MPC a affect for CPI of 2% +/-1 for that reason it believes inflation privileged than 3% is potentially hurtful for the economy.

How Many Cases Will Elliot Spitzer Lose Now?

The devastating loss in case of Elliot Spitzer for NY Governator VS. Bank of America has set back the illusion at the back of the man who would be king.

Sarbanes-Oxley Certainty Check on Bureaucracy

There is no doubt in hindsight that Sarbanes Oxley was a confuse as we watch the blob of bureaucracy move into the confidential sector. There is no doubt that Sarbanes Oxley's real costs have been conceded onto the consumer and inhabitant like a giant tax become more intense of Boston Tea proportions.

Iranian Elections and Boiling Points

The Iranian elections are emphatically appealing indeed. The ruling party is doing their chief to block satellite TV downloads which might not be activist to their rulers.

Hillary Says Fitness Care Can Be Fixed with IT

The great chief and Senator from New York and wife of a earlier Head cares about America and says that Fitness Care can be fixed with IT? Yes, conceivably that will help with liability of the taxpayers cadaverous dollars in Fitness Care indeed. But how will that help the condition of Physical condition Care?What I find exciting is that Leader Bush a connect of years ago said that he assumed that the HIPPA Legislation would be able to be handled by consumer conundrum solvers because of IT.

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