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California Attorneys and Politicians

California Attorneys and politicians are to blame for the energy disaster and blackouts and the ones, which will come this summer too. A down-to-earth study of fixed capability scheduling would have yielded the de rigueur tools for the CA state administration to assume out what was in point of fact feasible.

Workmens Compensation Lawyers, Lets Raise Least Wage; No Lets Not, Say We Did, We Have

The argument to raise bare minimum wage in California is entirely negated. The argue holds no authority as workmen's compensation rates are finally out of be in command of there.

Seattle Lawyer and Monetary Freedom

We are destroying our freedoms and slowing innovation, due to our belief that we can legalize morality by laws, that we can keep the most ignorant or mentally challenged being in civilization by creation a law; almost not possible. We have steadily permitted over oppressive laws to be made which aid no freeman in this dot only give work to 'wordsmithers' who claim to be plateful us as they help themselves to our hard earned money.

Conservation of Water in Big Cities

Water Conservation in better cities is less of an issue overtly than in less important cities, yet in certainty it is more crucial in bigger cities to jam to allow minor cities to exist. This is ironic, in spite of this truth for the reason that a small city that saves a lot is a mere drop in the container to the sum of water a big city can save when each character saves only a small amount, for the reason that those a small amount amounts are multiplied by the adequate into true water savings.

Silicon Valley Brain Drain; Bad Trade Policies, Why?

We have brain drain issues in Silicon Valley, we have qualified so many students from India, Pakistan, China all kinds of heavy duty engineering high tech studies and delve into and now that they cannot find jobs, many will be going back to those countries to work and with them all our technology. Brain fart? You teach them nuclear physics and you begin to have if they go back they will make paper dolls or something? Try nuclear weapons dummy.

We Do Not Have An Upside Down Trade Dearth As We Cannot Compete

Our trade dearth is completely proportional to our attacks on US Businesses and Entrepreneurs. We do not have an upside down trade arrears as we cannot compete.

Retirement Age Will Have To Be Raised Since Citizens Are Existing Longer

With ancestors breathing longer we have some troubles as those with pensions will be being paid duty much longer than anticipated. They will be using hospitals and need care longer and all of this will cost us more.

The Politics of American Communal Edification and Why Dramatic Develop Still Eludes Us

The in progress opinionated pains aimed at civilizing the American communal enlightening coordination arrive on the scene to be a sign of Einstein's clarity of lunacy - doing the same thing over and over again on tenterhooks for atypical consequences - than truly creating sustainable change. Until, we begin at balance one, sustainable didactic achievement will not ensue and the incomplete funds of time, associates and taxpayer's dollars will carry on to be depleted.

Eurovision Song Contest - Kiss My Butt Neighbours

Tonight I resigned for myself to the fact that this is the last Eurovision Song Contest I shall ever watch. In fairness the only analyze I did watch it was due to media intelligence mentioning that steps had been taken to try and assuage the blatant vote supports that takes place each time the contest is aired.

Maryland Lawyers and Politicians Want More Regulations

We know that in Maryland, which some call "Merry Land" due to its finally liberal skew that Sarbaines Oxley laws were born. These laws no affair what any person will tell you, have done more to upset our trade deficits with China than any other distinct factor.

Maryland State Deputy wants to kill jobs and small business

Last year a Maryland State Lawmaker whom I dare never owned a small affair of any type optional that franchises in the state looked-for to be audited every year. This would be every fast food restaurant, small big business advantage van area monopoly or dog groomer in the state, which was a franchised outlet.

Smelter Closures In America Hurt Our Engineering Output

The United States is down its business capability quite rapidly. Some environmentalists call these "old industries" and say we do not need them anymore; that we want clean industries.

The Board Filibuster: The Hulk Plan and the Nuclear Option

The devotee feuding in the U.S.

Boston Bankers

Many ancestors make a lot of money in war. In WWII we know that Prescott Bush was complex with Brown Bros.

Mommas, Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Lobbyists

For many years now, I have been the proud box of jobs that my parents found very challenging to clarify to their friends. Now, when a well-meaning acquaintance asks "what does your daughter do?" they try to account for that I help citizens be au fait with how to be in touch with selected officials.

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