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Government Area monopoly Model; compelling it virtual

Our command is set up like a advanced day franchise. Let me explain: the Central control is the franchisor run by three sets of committees (board of directors of divisions).

Whose Scared of the Government; Whose the Authority Frightened of?

We need a authority that can be as open to our needs and to use the expertise obtainable to serve us better. Yet often our authority feels threatened by those companies who move in the bazaar place at lightning speed.

Why Can't We Have a More Open Government?

The great ancestors of the United States of America deserve and ought to have a more alert government. What is the problem; we are the government; so why are we land ourselves back? Let's get busy and get it done.

Faith in Our Government

Many have lost faith in the control and are finally scared that no one there has a clue as to what they are doing. Others have accomplished faith.

Government is a Area monopoly System; just not a very good one

Few appreciate the Franchising Arrangement and even fewer have allied that to our avant-garde authority structure. The United States Authority is set up much like a franchising system.

George Bush and the Iraq War - Down on Downing Street

You, the reader, ought to be aware of my material comfort of love for prose in all its forms, for instance: the novel, the novella, the short story, the poem, and the comic strip - which, in its own right, is a literary and creative high point identical in import to Shakespeare.However, devoid of doubt, one of my beloved genres of copy is: the memo.

The British Sikh Army

Britain has a proud tradition of courageous armed air force and a accomplished martial which has managed to defend these isles actually for hundreds of years. British Forces achievement is well known all over the world and the courageousness and adaptability of its soldiers, seamen and airmen is unquestioned and eternally stamped in history.

Fair Trade and Pearls in the U.S.

Guides for RetailersThe policy about marketing pearls are scheduled in the FTC's Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries. The guide is very detail about what retailers be supposed to call a pearl.

Belly Full of the Clintons [Political View]

As I read the id and watch the news day after day after day, and snoop to the debates on what we Americans must do with Iran and North Korea, as if we were the only ones involved, yet as at all times the world will put their two cents in, and to be quite honest, that is all financially they will give, but for advise, like my neighbors, they will give a tone of it away free. Anyhow, I ought to get to my clout in my throat.


We have read about the unemployment rate being high. Especially something about six percent is cute good and it is less than that now according to the statistics, but some politicians say it is terrible and others say it is reasonable.

The Irish Issue

The expertise and evolution of the evolution of man and his background is evident in one area only - that of propaganda and lying. They have erudite how to suck and blow concurrently out of every chops of their bodies.

Joseph Campbell - Lasting Human Values

At the start of the US involvement in WWII Joseph Campbell was put in the attitude of having to defend civilization and truth fairly than go along with the demented home rule and outright invasion of so many civic institutions all the way through all comportment of propaganda. He ended up being accused of being a Nazi by many who must have known better.

How Does the US Assembly Exceedingly Work?

Many associates do not absorb politics very well. They often blast their Convention Character for this, that and the other thing.

Monsanto Terminator Seeds

How do you feel about Terminator Seeds from Monsanto? I have indomitable that I am in favor of Terminator Seeds, having seen the complaints adjacent to it and the data for it. Also to curb the challenge of GM seeds over captivating the Biological Wild Seeds of rice, wheat, etc.

Adminstration of E-Business Taxation

The entry by cell phone and cable companies into the Internet advantage donor commerce in the last few years has given new hope to the congestion challenge in that they now have a vested advantage in investing in infrastructure. The Internet association and set-up cost are not economical for every business; however, the competitive cost of not having it almost certainly outweighs the pecuniary cost of connectivity.

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