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Garbage in Compost out; California Blackouts

Why did the California energy disaster happen? Who is to blame? How come deregulation was a pecuniary disaster? Some of the data in the do research did not predict what would happen, almost certainly for the reason that examination colonize are not; go for it, make it come about entrepreneurs. So their bang was just 1000s of pages of ceaseless data about nobody and chiefly BS.

Mexican Living: A Disabled Man Speaks for Terri

I am an hopelessly ill American male compulsory to leave America to come up with the money for the health check care I needed. I live in Mexico.

The Truth About Power and Definite Zero

Societies have constantly had a badly behaved of what to do with their young males with high testosterone. In many countries it is critical for them to kill off many of them.

National Security; Seminary Campuses

I have witnessed a new era of confidence in the US. It is by far more prevalent than ever before.

How Can We Elect Good Leaders?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Men appeal power.

Fear, Controversy and Chaos in the Media

Most current day media stories containing fear, controversy and chaos is exceedingly all contrived Bull, but it is appealing how well it works to check the ample and motivate ancestors to do things. Those in power like to use fear, as it helps me solve evils and helps them be adamant their positions.

Double Principles for Regulators?

Elliot Spitzer, a short time ago said he sought after to drive a stake because of the heart of a founding appendage of the NY Stock Exchange. Since when is it okay for a big shot who is an Attorneys All-purpose to act out like this? We are considering more and more abuse of power.

Failure to Supervise at the National Trade Commission

Many MLM sales citizens mean well but they inadvertently commit fraud and violate rules and laws in their presentations. This is fateful and is an issue too big for the Centralized Trade Appoint to handle, like SPAM or Individuality Theft; the FTC is impotent.

Federal Trade Agency Will Not Check MLM Companies

Having been to every city in the countryside over the inhabitants of 10,000 in the last four years I have been noticing a trend. I have seen Multi-Level Marketing folks hard promotion their affair opportunities in broadcast presentations.

Biz Op Marketing and the Centralized Trade Commission

Many had made cite of the troubles of affair opportunities in inscription to the Centralized Trade Appointment in the community hearings in 1995, 1997 and 1999. They cited issues with promotion and income claims from Biz Op sales people.

FTC Hurts Franchising Consumers

Last Summer the Central Trade Appoint came out with a arrive citing all the changes that might be measured in a coming rule construction for the charter rule. It addressed clarification made back in 1995 and 1999.

The US Government; Under Sarbaines Oxley

Sarbaines Oxley was almost certainly the easiest way to break free activity and it could be the quickest way to down our government. If Agencies were compulsory into the same principles as the affair convergence then they would be compulsory to close their doors.

Accounting Nightmare at the FTC

Most administration agencies cannot pass an audit of their expenses. I can vouch for that and have been a long-time advocate; that the authority admire the same rules they force on business.

Tax Dollars and Lucidity of Authority Agencies

As we watch fewer Americans voting it is no awe why, they have lost faith in their government. Why can't we as citizens who own our command ask equal and/or acceptable falling in line with our tax dollars? Why can't we call the same from control as they enforce on our corporations? Why can't control clean it's act up and stop flushing our assessment down the toilets? No amazement so many authority people required to fit two more Johns in the white house all through our last election; they evidently deem no one is scrutiny and need more toilets to flush our money down in DC? Can you assume for one detailed the Command difficult to comply with Sarbaines Oxley? They would crumble, be idle and develop into even more ineffective than they previously are.

Where have all the Heroes gone

America is packed with standouts and perserverance; our inhabitants has a rich heritage of asset and honor. We have so many heroes in our short 200 years of account it is hard to keep them all straight.

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