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Trade Wars, China and Over Bylaw At Home

We are considering some trade wars brewing as American trade deficits mount and the money flows emotive to China. We see OPEC manipulating our bring in a tad and China's thirst for oil increasing, thus furthering the amount issues.

NAFTA; What did we learn?

A quick look back at NAFTA; how did we do?Stabilizing trade relations with your contiguous neighbors is a smart move indeed. Did NAFTA live up to the objectives set forth? Two decades already we initiated NAFTA, there were issues which considered necessary to be resolved to keep peace and help Mexico move up in the World to her full potential.

Free Markets, Wal-Mart, Over Regulation; What an attractive concept?

Unions are angry at the high salary of the executives which have gotten a hardly out of line above all as the companies are laying off human resources and the band is not assembly a profit. However, a man must put in an direct day for that which he was hired and that does not mean just screening up and punching the clock but in reality given that some real work and productivity.

Free Trade, Outsourcing, Protectionism and Realism Check

Recently on C-SPAN, there were two gentlemen debating free trade one from the CATO Institute for free trade. Yet he futile to bring up the real problem, the lawyers, over bylaw and command bureaucracy.

Ethanol, Water, Pollution, North Korea and Free Trade

Ethanol is a great way to bring into being fuel, great fuel to trade and It makes sense to grow your fuel. Only a few problems; it takes water, dispensation makes CO2 and how much can we get for it when we export it?Ethanol Plants are popping up athwart America and turn corn into fuel, but corn takes water to grow and states like Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri are in drought.

Monetary Flows, Retained Earnings, Over Bylaw and Rich Resources

All countries have definite equipment that are plentiful in the region. Center East it is oil and sand.

Monetary Flows, Consumer Debt, Policy, Trade Discrepancy and Reality

America has some fiscal issues, which need to be addressed. First consumer debt is at issue; the be in the region of consumer is upside down in their cars, over extensive on acknowledgment card debt and alive in a house, which they may have 10-15% fair play and maybe less with all these new home sales on 2-3% down and all the re-financing to pay off short term debt.

Water Conservation, Maintenance and Change for the better Policies

As the populations increase in Colorado exterior of Denver, Las Vegas, North Province San Diego, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tucson, San Bernardino, Riverside, Albuquerque, etc; The West will need to look to transferring the load of cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, and San Bernardino to receiving water from the ocean by means of Desalination Plants. At one point for the duration of the last dearth states had to make a array among fighting fires or cutback the water for drinking.

Economics and Politics of Regional Droughts

It cities diagonally America water is an issue, the flow is sporadic, each too much or too little. We must calm the flow, so businesses can plan, citizens can feel assured and we will not be trapped with our pants down for the duration of the next drought.

Droughts, Dirty Water and Disease

When we go all the way through periods of droughts we also have other problems, which are increased. Effects such as West Nile Virus, Bark Beetles, Disease Epidemics, Med Fly and achieve these troubles which occur for the duration of a number of come through periods are compounded when the cycles get out of control.

Population Charge and Water Bring Issues

As we augment our populations every new soul will command better infrastructure efficiency or getting higher of the systems of cultivation and nonentity is more central than that of water food and distribution. The flow of clean and fresh water has to do with which way the rivers flow and the climate that delivers the water to the land by way of rain.

Snowbirds and American Migration and Cell phone Populations

We have seen an add to in Snowbirds from Northern States into Southern States. It is truly out of the ordinary the discrepancy among now and a few years ago.

Oil Prices Appearance The United States Competitiveness

Just as we have been important the World in innovation and mainframe intellectual property, expertise and conceive does not mean we can allow to let our manufacturing domination carry on to go away the US soil. We once made the lot here.

Fuel Prices and Trucking; A Certainty Check On What Drives America

It appears we are having a terrible location with the diesel fuel prices in the US. It is distressing everything, since the whole thing we buy is shipped by train or truck and most of the times both.

3D Tactical Image Projection Enhanced Decoy System

I have in mind a distinctive Projection Apparatus code-named: "TIPED". This arrangement will be mounted on a small mechanized device, which is both parachuted into the battlespace or pre-planted beforehand the battle.

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