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UAV Decoy Stategies, Theories and The Avant-garde Art of War

Well having studying the need for decreasing America's dependence on Alien Oil and the advances of the automotive conscientiousness such as Fed Ex and UPS along with Eaton and GM. Also studying the labors of Sunlite Bus in Palm Desert and the contemporary in rank on clay coatings and tribulations in Urban Heat, Ozone Levels, Inclusive Warming Issues from NASA and GeoSat pains and a mixture of coarsen updates and in rank gathering data pains to predict bark storms, Hurricanes, Fires and Tornados we have educated quite a bit.

Self Destruct Strategies in UAV Construction

All UAVs Need a Self Destruct BLOS DeviceWhat do you do when your most recent equipment equipped UAV crash lands in enemy territory? Big troubles indeed.Recently we had a UAV looking for Osama Bin Laden, which was cruising the border area of Pakistan.

Canning Global Terrorists? Literally

Well here is a great new product, we first saw this in our study on the Parking Conscientiousness at current trade show. New Bomb Challenging Trashcans, Trashcan Anti-Bomb Receptacles for communal security now available.

Cloaking Giant Airships is Possible, Why Stop There?

We know we can cloak a giant aircraft from those looking up at it by basically using a video to tape what is above it and then exhibit that on the foot of the blimp. Those looking up at it will see not see a blimp but instead the sky above displayed like a giant flat movie barrier which has been coiled about the floor of the blimp.

Chinese Forces Build Up - Sun Tzu and Chinese War Machine

We are now since a build up in China of their military, with 7 new module of warships. Export of 15 Billion worth of jet armed forces from Russia, advances in Space which can lead to International Ballistic Missiles, Electromagnetic Weapons, exercise and recruiting of not public for army.

What are the profit of Nuclear War again; I must have missed that point?

Indian and Pakistan and nuclear war. What does the world lose if India and Pakistan have a nuclear war? Well in Southern India; in the cities of Hyderabad, Banglore, and Coimbatore there are many students who come to America and learn our technologies and bring their hard work ethic and ideas.

Tracking Over The Road Trucks from Canada

Are you happy with all this so-called confidence after 9-11? Are you like most Americans I have talked with okay with the color thing and High Defense Alert Insignia and though the media exceedingly gets on your nerves and you feel like you are alive in a scene of "The Boy who Cried Wolf" most say there are some fairly apparent clothes they have seen which are just dumb. For case in point the other day I saw four guys get out of a semi truck at a truck stop to fuel up and then go park.

Let me throw out a casual attention on Home Confidence Leadership Structure

Streamlining Land of your birth Defense with a Free bazaar flair? An idea of adding up four more gears to the joint chiefs of staff; hire a Jack Welch type as an ombudsman to the group, who does not play rank games. Two; Have an extra force called Biological Conflict for both distrustful armed forces and civilian populations; Fatherland confidence force to unite the law enforcement forces, law enforcement agencies and classified sector folder team.

Screening Trucks and Containers Appearance Into Our Country

We presently have enough sniffer campaign in this kingdom to help us barrier the trucks and containers appearance into this land at our checkpoints and ports. Now we be supposed to be conducting bulky copy of odors of trucking shipments and containers for file evaluations to cover that we do not gratuitously get in the way of the flow of trade or delay parts desirable to run our financial powerhouse.

Technology and Worldwide Terrorism

Airlines do not allow cell phones on board, but they do allow AirCell a expert new knowledge for in escape calls. AirCell's know-how has been accepted by the FCC as it uses a lone in harmony frequency.

Defending Central point Eastern Oil Refineries and Assets

An idea to defend oil infrastructure in the Center East may need to take into concern some of the obtainable close at hand opportunities. For demand creating a mote like border and contents it with oily, seawater and substance polymer chains or "Goo" and then jacket the mote with a layer of sand.

Harmonic Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Ascend to Air Missiles

Using Vocal Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Appear to Air Missiles near airport departure and arrival escape paths. We could use a Choral Beam pulse on a close arrangement vocal beam to pre-detonate explosives that Intercontinental Terrorists may want to use on such as Hand Held SAMs.

Stopping a Nuclear Bomb on a Hydrofoil

The US Fatherland Guarantee is apprehensive about Hydrofoil or Skimmer Craft used as fast affecting bombs on water inflowing one of our ports or Naval shipyards. If you will commit to memory the XXX" Movie with the Hydrofoil Craft with a Biological Bat which would kill millions of citizens if it free it's gaseous cargo.

Using a Meteor Shower as Decoy for ICBM Attack

In the event of that a threatening citizens to the guarantee of America requires a pre-emptive attack, we may wish to believe creating a News Event of an anticipated meteor shower in the media or care about launching the assail at some point in a real meteor shower. There are many actions such as Solar Flares, Space Coarsen which could give us a few action of added alarm as the enemy looks to believe if in fact it is a bit else, ahead of they launch, thus benevolent our numerous warheads time to reach separation point, it also allows us to allow for separation of compound dummy warheads as decoys to overwhelm the enemies coldness to help us complete our kill ratios on much loved targets.

So How Far Have We Come? Here are some of the 2001 Anti Terrorist Projects

An condition in In order Week in January 14, 2002 discussed an attractive branch of learning of tracking terrorists. It talked about tracing of expenses by Terrorists.

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