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Reelect head bush for the 2nd term: confirmation & proofs - politics


Why Leader Bush must have his be with term? The influence can be drawn from Gas price, Job conception and War in Iraq scientifically. If it is scientific, it must comment the same result, test in the same conduct test and constitute a algebraic truth. For example, we all know that goose is white for the reason that we see the same color in anywhere. We know that water is H2O since the conduct experiment answer is the same. Needless to say, 2+2 = 4. We now apply these criteria to my arguments.

War in Iraq. Is America safer? The counter is YES since since 9/11 2001 till today (more than 1095 days) at this exact the fatherland is available and naught has ever happened. We don't talk about world or globe safer as it is out of our hands. 9/11 appoint says'American is not safe!' It means expectations and ahead of this close since we still face the intimidation of terrorists. If you want to delay this safer close by diminutive until full four years to come, you must vote him for the back up term. It is not fair to disregard this apparent and accurate fact.

Should we have war in Iraq? I did not hear a person who complained when Leader Bush announced that the major combat was over. John Kerry even brain wave that Iraq was no match to us. Now, he wants to get European allies to help. This is just wishful thinking. There is not a thread truth to prove that he can do it. What he said is just a possibility, not a probability. Likelihood means 50 to 50 choices. It could be right or wrong. Probability means percentages. Head Bush got both from British and Russian astuteness that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. His assessment on war with Iraq is 20% percent of probability. If you have a ten-room house and two rooms are threats of being invasions. It compulsory an abrupt effect and not a close too soon.

What went wrong is not one-sided achievement by American force alone. Rather, conquered too long. If we pulled out the troops right after we modern Iraq. Bush would be the best Leader we ever had. Now, it is not easy to pull the force out as we did not act alone, we have to take care of those buffet air force leaded by us. John's great idea to absorb more and better powers and to share conclusion assembly with them could have them to assistance us and to condense the causality. This is very naive thinking. If you want them (e. g. , French, German or Russian) to scarify lives, their anxiety may be too big for you to accept. Do not deem that NATO does not want to send troops to Iraq as Head Bush frightened them. If you give them adequate benefits, I agreement they will come. The distrust is 'Can we come up with the money for to?'

The truth of the be relevant is France and Russia that different the invasion of Iraq as French has a agreement to build oil assembly in Iraq and Iraqi administration owes a lot of debt to France. When the war was amid Iraq and Iran, Russian is on Iraqi sides and we are on Iranian sides. This certainly has naught to do with President's distancing or not. John must have heard 'Business is business. ' Leader of United States must have the best of activity of his colonize in mind. Leader Bush did just that.

America is the only super power in the world. We can beat any one of six evil countries that Head Bush had mentioned in a month or so. The one-sided invasion of Iraq is a existing proof. However, the troops those are good adequate to assail enemies and keep our home do not automatically mean they are also good a sufficient amount to absorb the big land exceptionally when the politics is involved, we have to win enemies heart and mind. All the agitate came out. Escalating the size of troops or being paid help from allies is not the answer. The difficulty we ought to ask ourselves 'Do we want the land from them?' If we don't, we ought to pack up and leave. The in-house conflicts of Iraq have nobody to do with us. If we don't like what we see, we call for them to make a change. If they don't, we can continually go back. The world is believed to be safer since we by and large face six enemy countries, now we only have four to go. Be included never lies.

Michael Moores who tried to make a buck twists the fact to make a film "Fahrenheit 9/11". It has been embraced by the pacifist movement. However, Richard Clark who blamed the Head in management the war with al Qaida is the one who proves there is no bond among Bush boss and Saudi family. He is also the one who authoritative the plane to let bin Laden's relatives to leave for Saudi Arabia. The most harmful scene is that Leader seems to think that gulf was more crucial than 911. This is why associates who wore 'Defeat Bush Sign' as they felt that Leader Bush did not love them and took the job not seriously. In fact, if you saw his tear in the eyes and told Americans that he had to wait for . . . What he waited for was armed hardware to move to Central East Region. He sought to get back at closely but his soldiers and weapons were not there yet. News woman Pat Harvey of Chanel 9 has said, 'President is very sentimental. ' This scene be supposed to go over on TV as many times as possible.

A care for protests adjacent to the Head since her son died in the war. I forgive her what she is doing as she is a nurse but I will not forgive her what she is doing as she is a citizen. She made a trip to Washington, D. C. to find out what's wrong. Her deduction was that the man in the White House must be changed. This certainly is a very clean conclusion. For one thing, not all mothers protested alongside war. For another, she does not characterize all the mothers either. Citizens think that war with Iraq is not worth to fight as spent too much money and died so many soldiers and not a advancement in sight. However, from the concept of prevention, war with Iraq barred auxiliary destruction in the fatherland for the reason that it bowed enemy's focus on assorted area. Otherwise, we may have 9/11 in Los Angels, Boston, Las Vegas, so on. Civilian causality may have proceeded what we have now in Iraq. Deem it or not, this is 100% percent truth. Michael Moore and other stars just like to pursuit fashion. Anti-Bush back term is a fashionable thing to do. What do they know about the war? John said he would become more intense the troops if he is asked for. He cannot pull troops back either. Alteration the Head is not the solution.

The arrive of 911 administration is full of loopholes as far as the find is concerned. It did not exhaust all the doable cases. They did not read Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger's amputation of classified papers from the General Archives and they just found that Iran concerned bountiful paths of 9/11 Therefore, the assumption that there was no connection among al Qaeda and Saddam has not been proved definitely. What if the weapons of mass destruction are found after the election? Thus, we need to be very assiduous about it and be supposed to not make any judgement now. All we can rely on is the best that Leader Bush had done. If we go to war since we have to, then we will have many 9/11s, for the reason that we cannot have a war to avert from better indemnity even if we want to.

We have not found weapons of mass destruction since our martial cannot move about freely. However, we do see nuclear weapons in Libya. Col. Moammar Gaddafi absolute to turn them in. This is a great achievement of Head Bush on war with Iraq for the reason that we did not lose a lone troop's life and spent no money. This is one stone for two birds. If you think that Col. Gaddafi is easy, you are deadly wrong. This consequence alone is worth to go to war with Iraq.

Do not think if we did not go to war with Iraq, those enemies will leave us alone. Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, and Iran may form allies to fight anti US in order to save bin Laden. Leader Bush's quick invasion of Iraq broke the formation, made Iran and Sudan not believe bin Laden, and made Col. Gaddafi crooked in nuclear weapons. What a great job he has done!

President Bush will bring the troops back in the very near coming since average level of al Qaeda operatives have been customary and arranged to argue with US homeland. The do of rotating enemies' focus on the altered area is lost. The troops will go after bin Laden and make al Qaeda cells to save bin Laden. Thus, land of your birth will be safe. This time Leader will lead us to a fast, precise, categorical and absolute victory, and give the relatives who died in two towers a good answer.

Job creation. The nation's cheap is budding smartly, wages have begun to rise, and employers have added more than 1. 4 million jobs to their payrolls in the past nine months. Yet voters carry on to give Leader Bush poor ratings on his behavior of the economy. Why? I will describe this event in terms of birds' eye view versus worms' eye view

Worms eye view is a clandestine focus on a actual thing or event. So, they could not see the conception of jobs as those jobs do not associate his/her not public experience. This is just like to visit a doctor of medicine for headache and physician fixed your foot instead. However, if we want to know the absolute conceive of of the job problems, we have to use birds' eye view. That is, a composite view to oversimplify the results. Therefore, we must start with birds eye view. Otherwise, we cannot find the symptom of the problem. But to deal with the challenge we have to start with worms eye view. Though Bush did not solve the catch of dairy farms directly, but he did build the new jobs instead. If you drop the own feeling, you will see those new jobs that are good for you.

On the other hand, jobs list in John's American Jobs Plan are setting up high way, discipline yards and the lawmaking jobs. These jobs are for semi-skillful hard work and they don't need to be retrained. All they have to do is to go to a new place to work lacking any extra efforts. However, these jobs are also impermanent since the jobs can be accomplished more rapidly or later or those jobs made a big government. Bush provides you with lasting jobs, It may be looked-for to be retrained for new jobs but it is beat than before. It is not that the old dog cannot learn the new tricks. Rather, they are not agreeable to make any change. If you detect the job availability in the acquaint with job promote in terms of birds eye view, you will never be firm on your classified focus in terms of worms' eye view.

President Bush not only can construct eternal jobs but also conceive a new town. For example, if we fix the highways of complete country, it will cause the deficiency of cement, confidential investors will see the profit to build a factory that produces cement. New factory needs hire more workers, personnel need buy groceries, clandestine investors build new stores. One thing lead another, the new town is built up. the work of the dept. of exchange is to see there is a need to help to facilitate the process. For example, if classified investors may hastate to build bond factories, the command will make one to get it starts. If one tried to fix educate yards and provided administration jobs at the same time, then no blow of famine will be produced. They are just some brief jobs. Setting up highways is just a lead. The consequence is a new town. By the way, citizens only remembered Head Reagan's tax cut . I would say his considerable armed build-up in peace time lead to the recovery of American economics.

Furthermore, for the reason that the war in Iraq has caused so many shortages, he will build up new factories, hire more human resources and these new human resources get elevated pay as the factories make money, Most of all, these kinds of jobs are liked by the semi-skillful workers. For example, build encumber factories, Ask the dept. of buying to find out where the shortages are? And lure the confidential patron to put money in or build a band to sell stocks in the market. The critical part is stopping the imports and creates factories and hire more employees instead. We are not only ever-increasing the revenue but also bring down the high price of goods. Every person enjoys and is able to allow the luxury he wants.

It comes about and goes around. John Kerry criticizes that character has to have two or three jobs in order to make a existing under Bush administration. This closely sounded like Jack Camp, Bob Doe's in a row mate, blamed the Clinton dealing out on economical situations. John Kerry promised you to construct 26 million high pay jobs. Maxim is easier than done. I could tell you a bird in hand is beat than many birds in the sky. Edwards told you 'Hope is on the way. ' Kerry told 'Help is on the way. ' How long does it take for 'help' to get here? Or just hope for it.

Job loss prevention is as chief as job creation. John did not make clear how he stops American companies emotive to overseas? He only said a bit about tax. Leader Bush fashioned many ways to solve this problem. One actual approach is collecting the extra money in currency altercation rates. For example, Levi moved to China to make jeans since they paid 9 dollars per hour in US, but only paid 25 cents per hour in China. Then they will sell goods back to US to make a huge profit. This is not fair to the local factories for the reason that they take gain not only the low wages but also currency barter rates. One US buck equals to eleven Chinese Renminbi. If one pair of jean cost 9 dollars to make in US, but only cost 2 Chinese Renminbi to make. As far as the jean is concerned, 9 = 2. However, 9 US dollars equals 99 Chinese Renminbi. 99 Chinese Renminbi can make 49 and half pairs of jeans. The 48 and half pairs be in the right place to currency exchange. So, this barter rate improvement must be back to government. This means no be of importance where you make jeans, but the profit is similar. Therefore, no American business will move to overseas except they cannot find in US. Head Bush wants colonize of Ohio to know they will keep their jobs and even get the develop pay.

Gas price. This topic seems the least important. However, It comes out in a poll every time. As a be of importance of fact, war in Iraq and job loss are caused by a distinct article raising the price of crude oil. Since of the advanced energy price, American crop made with elevated energy cost cannot compete in a free market, thus, their employees lost their jobs. As of elevated price of crude oil, the rich Arab warlords are able to finance terrorists. This is how we got in war with Iraq in the first place.

Evident that gas price leaded inflation can be proved in terms of two oil crises and the amplify digits' inflation of Cater administration. . For example, The oil price per barrel in 1970 was $2. 55, 71' was $3. 45, 73' was $11. 65, 76' was $12. 37, 79' was $14. 56, but Saudi was $24. 00, 80' was $28. 00 but Saudi was $32. 00, ended up to $38. 00 per barrel at the Oct. of 1981. The first oil catastrophe was 1973 oil embargo, and the back up oil catastrophe was 1979 Iranian revolution. And the bend digits' inflation of Cater dealing out was in 1980-81. The price of crud oil was wandering about amid 1973 prices and 1980 prices since then. It may have a short term high like $41. 00. But American can no longer go back it's good old days. Therefore, the accepted of active went down badly. (Reference: World oil advertise and oil price Chronologies: 1970-2003. "http://www. eia. doe. gov/emeu/cabs/chron. html" )

John Kerry proposes to raise least wages to meet the average of living. However, high labor cost is the basis why companies moved to overseas and citizens lost their jobs. So, raising the least pay rate is not a appropriate solution, instead a problem. What we need to do is lower the oil price. When oil price is down, the whole lot that bent with low energy cost will also go down. Thus, America goods can compete in the free marketplace again. Dipping the energy cost can continue the old industries, reborn the becoming extinct companies and become more intense the employments. Therefore, the fatal issue and the core goal is how to amplify the oil production. Head Bush anticipated to be the source of oil in Alaska. John Kerry different it due to environmental protection. If President's application was past three years ago, you will not endure the high price at the pump today.

People skilled deductive logic in US collages and seldom touched inductive logic. Therefore, the claim amid the drink of clean water and the use of oil cannot get a accepted fulfil 'Who is right?' It is very easy in inductive logic. That is, if you have two good things, you decide on the change for the better one. If you have two bad things, you decide the less bad one. When ancestors cannot go to work as lack of gasoline, who hell in the right mind thinks of clean water? Which, oil or water, is more critical for the time being? We not only pay the price doesn't matter what OPEC want. We also gently wait for their assessment when we must have. Is this an an adequate amount of basis to get oil from Alaska? Needless to say, most of the deficits were from oil trade.

In American chronicle at whatever time the gas price goes up, the lot else will be leaded to go up too. Stabilized gas price is a must. Lower the gas price is essential. Think of it. The price of gas was 57 cents per gallon in 70'. If Americans get paid 9 dough per hour but their expenditure is still in the 70's level. How much money will they save? The be an average of price per gallon now is about $1. 80. And this is three times elevated than 70'. Then American doubtless only need 1/3 of the pay to cover the whole lot and 2/3 of the earnings can be spent on anything he or she please. 1/3 is three dollars, we only pay 1/6 of three dollars for gas and the rest is for a little else. And we also have six dollars to spent as we please. If you count 40 hours a week and 52 weeks a year in disparity with the accepted of alive in 70', all and sundry is a rich man. Head Bush wants you to check your own money anyhow you please. And this is for least wage receiver only. You make more than bare minimum wages.

People under Bush dispensation do not need 'Help is on the way. ' Apart from those ancestors who has each emotional or bodily defects cannot work such as widows, widowers, orphans, free parents and disable persons. The adulthood of citizens have adequate of money to spend. Citizens don't need tax cut, physical condition care, edification aid, or economical help of any kind. If you want to buy a spot car? Go ahead. If you want to go to college? Go ahead. If you want to get a cruise in Europe? Go ahead. Doesn't matter what you want? Go ahead. When different fuel is found and produced, the gas price will be down dramatically. No one who has money finances the terrorists anymore. The world is in real peace. However, the acquire of alternative fuel takes a lot of times. We need the gas right now. Drill in Alaska and other seats are a must, can proceed to detached of distant oil and lower the gas price. Who is more qualifying to explore the oil field than Bush-Cheney ticket? You know they are from oil family. And all and sundry can assume the noticeable adjust in the back year of back up term. The whole lot else, like Abortion, constitutes no urgent argument at all.

Bush is THE man. In conclusion, Who is the man to lead us a absolute victory? Bush is the man. Who is the man to guard the jobs of all Americans? Bush is the man. Who is the man to make Americans so rich? Bush is the man.

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