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Everyone knows the United States Command often falls down in their duties. Even if over all the fatherland is great and for the most part seems to work, there are a number of agencies that get an "F" on their article cards from some who act as administration watchdogs. In my attitude there is no better waste of taxpayer's money than that of the National Trade Commission. Having deliberate a few cases it appears noticeable that this worthless bureau cannot seem to do whatever thing right. The earlier we close this action or cut down its finances the better. All money spent in the charity is from tip to toe wasted. They cannot get rid of SPAM, it is up over 3000% since they on track effective on it. Characteristics theft issues in our fatherland have run ramped and the FTC need to fulfil some of those Viagra SPAM adds as they are completely incapable in their enforcement of this as well.

The FTC broke up AT & T and today we have many vertically and horizontally integrated announcement companies. The FTC went after Microsoft after the consumer voted with their money for them. The mainframe user voted for bundling of software and in commission systems. The intact case was based on competitor complaints. There was no grasping pricing, Microsoft sold their food consistently lower or even in many cases gave them away. In the Franchising Commerce we learn of one case where bad profiling, blown up creative inscription and grandstanding trumped the certainty of their professed Truth, Acceptability and the American Way. The FTC fined Petco after they were hacked by a criminal, as a substitute of putting the criminal in jail. Abuses of power at the FTC run so deep that their well will never run dry as they dig towards China, while attacking America's most companies. Then there is the myth of the greedy pricing issue and case of the Great Northern Railroad. The FTC attacked "Phonics" when the teachers' union complained, even although it works and 85% of those using it could read faster than those who did not. When it comes to Monopolies, anybody with half a brain knows that it is control who creates monopolies thru partiality not companies. When companies compete each wins. The FTC is a absolute joke of free enterprise, asset up the weak and purporting truth thru press releases to get next years account money. Choose spare us the Media Hype. The Central Trade Appoint takes the prize as the very worst authority activity in our country and is hereby acknowledged by this author.

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