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An American soldier is taken at the back enemy lines and brainwashed as an coincidental hired gun by communists in league with American biased figures. This soldier then income to the States to kill a presidential contestant as part of a supporting conspiracy to go from bad to worse and exploit Cold War tensions.

Sound familiar? It does if you've seen the classic movie "The Manchurian Candidate. "

Now care about this bespoke scenario: An American soldier is first brainwashed as an killer and to act as a collective by agents of his own government, then sent after enemy lines as a defector, only to arrival to the States and kill an American president.

But this is no movie plot. Years of examine have committed me this is closely what happened in the shooting of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Before you dismiss this as yet a further JFK conspiracy theory, look at how much it explains in light of what we've academic about the CIA's adroit use of mind be in command of and fake defectors over years of anti-communist operations.

* In a curriculum known as MKULTRA, the CIA spent billions of dollars secretly perfecting mind be in charge of technology. Brutal methods of eliciting confessions from captured enemy agents (electric shock, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and truth drugs such as LSD) were industrial on hundreds of chance victims. Used operationally for many years, this counterintelligence equipment is now advent to light in the Abu Ghraib prison-torture scandal.

* In addendum to "defensive" techniques, CIA researchers hunted to build countermeasures alongside human weaknesses identified by the MKULTRA tests to coin "torture-proof" American agents who could be sent into enemy territory on acumen missions or be used to gain access to enemy organizations as considerable double-agents and provocateurs.

* But the CIA didn't stop here. They also residential methods to convince so-called "involuntary assassins" who would not ask commands to kill on appreciation in Cold War operations. According to declassified command credentials available by the New York Times, such agents would carry out events "even adjacent to such basic laws of character as self-preservation. "

Indeed, a CIA memo (NYT, 1978) recounting an conduct experiment using "involuntary assassins printed already the JFK murder predicted the information surrounding the crime with eerie precision. According to the declassified memo from the 1950s, as a "trigger mechanism" for a "bigger project" a convert would be manipulated to kill an American administrator under the change of CIA mind charge and then be "disposed of" after being taken into charge for the crime. Flash ahead a few years to 1963. A traitor (Oswald) kills an American allowed (Kennedy) and is then "disposed of" in control care (by Jack Ruby). The "trigger mechanism" (death of a president) clears the way to a "bigger project": appreciation of the Cold War on an first-time scale.

The parallels are striking. But is there at the bottom of demonstrate for the scenario of Oswald being innocently manipulated as an brainpower pawn in a akin operation?

Declassified memos and exploratory treatment by a number of sources have skilled us a great deal over the past 40 years of how compulsory operatives could be expertly "programmed" by the CIA as evident leninist sympathizers to gain access to and disrupt communalist organizations. (We now know that at some stage in the 1960s scores of phony leftists were used by the CIA and FBI to get into and disbelieve organizations because of violent deeds in infamous programs such as COINTELPRO. ) We have also erudite how believed "lone-nut" Lee Harvey Oswald's seemingly irrational deeds in fact complemented such spying programs:

* His defection to the Soviet Union was secretly handled by the CIA as a counterintelligence mission and mirrored an richly theatrical defection concerning a new low-level American soldier (with a comparable background) that began the very same year Oswald's did.

* Subsequent his benefit to the U. S. , Oswald leveraged his rebel diploma to play the role of pro-Castro ahead of its time while constantly surrounded by anti-communists with links to the acumen world.

-- His best ally in Dallas was a wealthy White Russian with ties to the CIA and the deal with of hope CIA Administrator George Bush in his wallet.

-- After heartbreaking to New Orleans, Oswald fashioned an unconstitutional division of a Castro-friendly group beleaguered by the CIA and handed out pro-Castro leaflets in black and white with the bureau adopt of an FBI anti-communist expert.

-- Coming "lone-nut assassin" and pro-Castro ahead of its time Oswald even met with one of the CIA's anti-Castro assassins in New Orleans, while under both CIA and FBI following (NYT, 1993).

* Oswald's aimed pro-communist conduct fit the profile of a hypnotized anti-Communist mole as complete in declassified papers from his era. Armed hypnotist George Estabrooks even bragged of moving out an company employing a brainwashed Maritime who was hypno-programmed with a pro-communist personality so he could be prematurely discharged from the benefit as a fake traitor and then used in an anti-communist astuteness operation. Further, he claimed his hypnosis performance had been used to construct assassins.

The more I study Oswald's infamous career, the more I am struck by how his if not puzzling bipolar clowning around make achieve sense in a now well-established CIA blueprint of using bogus pro-communists in its anti-Communist operations. But I am also struck by the parallels amid the "Manchurian Candidate" hypothesis and Oswald's use surrounded by these surveillance operations.

As I bare in The Accurate Assassin, mind check had many fascinating profit for creating considerable bend agents with obedient agreement who could be used in perilous spying cases where plausible deniability was critical. Estabrooks described the recompense mind check would give in creating credible bend in half agents to get into leninist organizations. "Convinced of their own innocence they would play the 'fifth column' role with best sincerity. " And even if such an agent was captured, "He could not tell the truth about his life as a spy, as he would not know of it. "

Declassified credentials from the early '60s assign real-life CIA experiments with this mind be in command of know-how that had amazing parallels to incidents in Oswald's life and the actions most important up to the Kennedy assassination. And id show that the CIA was dangerously investigating the use mind be in charge of for the anti-Castro killing operations in which Oswald was involved.

But the guess of Oswald's being used as a pawn in ongoing anti-communist operations not only explains his behavior chief up to the assassination. It explains the reasons at the back of the shooting itself and hence helps solve the conundrum of who was at the end of the day after the crime.

Put by hand in the mindset of the early '60s, when those entrusted with the nation's defense saw collective permeation in every dissenter group, chance lurking in every shadow. To them, we looked-for to go up the Cold War, not step back from it. In their eyes, JFK botched them in the futile Bay of Pigs invasion of Castro's Cuba. And then he actively resisted aggressive plans and ongoing planning for a be with invasion. Kennedy was even painstaking a pro-communist deserter by extremists surrounded by the brainpower community.

If this scenario sounds eccentric in the post-Cold War world, bear in mind the most up-to-date declassified id that have surfaced from the Kennedy-era. These credentials assign a major Cold War action called Company Northwoods secretly initiated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Memos from this operation, which was old by Kennedy, disclose a bold plan to align a back up invasion of Cuba. In one appearance of this plan, the CIA's anti-Castro agents, disguised as pro-Castro militants, would engage in a cycle of violent actions, as well as theatrical assassinations on American soil. Such concealed measures by noticeable pro-communists were considered to provoke "a advantageous wave of indignation" in the American community that could be channeled to aid a more overt and military Cold War crusade.

Now bear in mind the convenience of Oswald's measures to the copse warriors who not only had plans in place to kill heads of state (like Castro) but also had even discussed using mind be in command of in these ongoing Cold War-era killing attempts:

By carnage JFK in the guise of a pro-Castro agent, Oswald eliminated a blockade to the CIA's more belligerent anti-communist policies (Kennedy had fired the CIA executive who oversaw these policies and then served on the Lair Commission), and as a matter of fact provided a explanation for them!

As the predictive CIA memo on mind charge foreshadowed, JFK's murder served as the "trigger mechanism" for the "bigger project. " With Kennedy out of the way, appreciation to the events of a "Manchurian Candidate," the Cold Warriors were free to go from bad to worse their mission with appalling cruelty in Vietnam and elsewhere.

Far-fetched? Not when you sit down and certainly think about it.

Jerry Leonard is a physicist who has been actively caught up in microelectronics delve into and construction for over 15 years. He has copious patents and publications allied to his controlled career. In his individual examination he has analyzed the all-embracing despite the fact that concealed role American corporations played not only in creating Nazi Germany but in recruiting Nazi war criminals next the war. Jerry credentials how this resulted in the extension of the depraved human experimentation conducted in Nazi concentration camps--including mind be in charge of research, which he proposes at the end of the day led to the elimination of JFK. http://www. winstonsmith. net


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