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  • "It is the duty of every civilian according to his best capacities to give force to his convictions in following affairs. "
    -- Albert Einstein

  • "Politics, n. Conflict of good camouflaged as a contest of principles. "
    -- Ambrose Bierce

  • "Man is by character a biased animal. "
    -- Aristotle

  • "I have come to the deduction that politics are too acute a be of importance to be left to the politicians. "
    -- Charles De Gaulle

  • "The confound a lot of politicians make is in forgetting they've been appointed and belief they've been anointed. "
    -- Claude D. Pepper

  • "Politics is made up by and large of irrelevancies. "
    -- Dalton Camp

  • "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, discovery it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. "
    -- Ernest Benn

  • "Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart an adequate amount to absorb the game, and dumb a sufficient amount to think it's important. "
    -- Eugene McCarthy

  • "We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate. "
    -- Frank McKinney Hubbard

  • "When the biased columnists say 'Every belief man' they mean themselves, and when candidates application to 'Every bright voter' they mean each one who is going to vote for them. "
    -- Franklin P. Adams

  • "Run for office? No. I've slept with too many women, I've done too many drugs, and I've been to too many parties. "
    -- George Clooney

  • "My amount early in life was both to be a piano-player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's only just any difference. "
    -- Harry S. Truman

  • "Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory. "
    -- John Kenneth Galbraith

  • "The word 'politics' is consequential from the word 'poly', consequence 'many', and the word 'ticks', denotation 'blood sucking parasites'. "
    -- Larry Hardiman

  • "Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects. "
    -- Lester B. Pearson

  • "Politics is war devoid of atrocities while war is politics with bloodshed. "
    -- Mao Tse-Tung

  • "Nothing can so estrange a voter from the supporting approach as aid a attractive candidate. "
    -- Mark B. Cohen

  • "You can lead a man to Congress, but you can't make him think. "
    -- Milton Berle

  • "Politics is the art of the possible. "
    -- Otto Von Bismarck

  • "In politics, an farce is not a handicap. "
    -- Napoleon Bonaparte

  • "Politics is the art of preventing citizens from captivating part in interaction which accurately affair them. "
    -- Paul Valery

  • "Politicians are amazing citizens as long as they stay away from belongings they don't understand, such as functioning for a living. "
    -- P. J. ORourke

  • "In politics you must at all times keep administration with the pack. The minute that you fade and they sense that you are injured, the rest will turn on you like wolves. "
    -- R. A. Butler

  • "Politics is chiefly a affair of heart. "
    -- R. A. Butler

  • "Politics is i don't know the only profession for which no grounding is belief necessary. "
    -- Robert Louis Stevenson

  • "Politics is not a bad profession. If you be successful there are many rewards, if you degrade manually you can constantly write a book. "
    -- Ronald Reagan

  • "Politics is alleged to be the back up oldest profession. I have come to accomplish that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. "
    -- Ronald Reagan

  • "A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. "
    -- Texas Guinan

  • "The opinionated android triumphs as it is a united alternative interim aligned with a not speaking majority. "
    -- Will Durant

  • "The more you read and comment about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that's out constantly looks the best. "
    -- Will Rogers

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