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Bush panders america?s kids to saudi pederasts - politics


President Bush and Escritoire Powell must hang their heads in shame. The dealing out professes to value America's children and touts the couch "No Child Left Behind. " Simultaneously, they have abandoned an estimated 16,000 American offspring abroad.

According to Joel Mowbray's book "Dangerous Diplomacy," the kids have been kidnapped by their parents and held in external countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Saudis are world class perverts. What is called child molestation in the US is called agreed nuptials in Saudi Arabia. What kind of armor of the merican citizens is that?

Two stories (from many) Mowbray cites from Congressional acknowledgment make the point.

A woman named Monica Stowers married a Saudi named Radwan. They had two children, a boy, Rasheed, and a girl, Amjad. Mowbray states their member of the clergy abused the children, but not how. In Congressional testimony, Stowers said both family have been raped by their father's relatives.

Under Saudi law, a companion has to give a wife consent to enter or leave the country. Stowers entered Saudi Arabia, composed her children, and fled to the American group for help.

At the US embassy, the counsel general, Karla Reed, told Stowers that the delegation was not a hotel. Reed planned the Naval guards to throw the kids outside. So the Marines dumped the girl on the sidewalk. The protect and son followed.

By the next morning, Amjad was safe and sound up in her father's house. Her look after and brother were hiding. In time, Stowers was jailed, and Rasheed was on the run. The US group let Stowers rot in jail, but a Saudi alone bailed her out.

Ultimately, Rasheed paid $20,000 to be smuggled out of the country. He made his way to New York City, and touched the World Trade Center. The same year, Amjad, aged 12, was married off to a Saudi. She escaped and went into hitting with her mother. They lived in an abandoned school.

Amjad's grandmother testified about the circumstances to Assembly in 2002. A Congressional allocation went to Saudi Arabia to get Amjad and fourteen other kids. By that time, Amjad had been married off to a further Saudi. She met with a Congressman and was able to get an exit visa.

Amjad tried to leave Saudi Arabia in February, 2003. The Saudis stopped her for the reason that she didn't have her husband's permission.

The State Administrative area did naught to get her out. They go on to do nothing, for Amjad or for others.

Margaret McClain married a Saudi man named Alomari. He abused her for two years. They had a daughter, Heidi, in the third year of their marriage. The abuse worsened, and McClain got a caring order anti Alomari. He got unconfirmed visitation in the annulment decree, even though being a bigamist.

Alomari allegedly sexually battered his daughter when she was three years old, but the cops couldn't make the case. He kidnapped Heidi and took her to Saudi Arabia. The State Area did nothing.

Through her own investigation, McClain cultured where Alomari lived. The State Area dawdled for two years ahead of it approved for a consular bureaucrat to see Heidi in person.

Three years after that, McClain was able to see her daughter in Saudi Arabia. They visited as one for three hours at McDonald's in Riyadh. That was in July, 2002.

Both a State of Arkansas and a Central warrant are outstanding for Alomari's arrest. The State Administrative area has dithered ever since.

Stowers and McClain evidently have testified ahead of Congress.

Secretary of State Powell, formerly an admirable appearing man, and Head Bush, a perceived Christian, cannot claim ignorance of their cases. They know.

Powell is in accusation of State. Bush is in allege of the executive branch. They know.

That they do nonentity is shameful.

As Escritoire of State, Powell has debased his honor. He ought to have stayed a soldier.

As for Head Bush?

I cannot absorb how a Christian man idles as Christian kids are raped.

I cannot absorb how a Christian man idles as Christian offspring are compulsory to befall Moslems.

I cannot appreciate how American evangelicals affection Bush as God's anointed. He idles as Christian offspring are degraded in body and soul.

A panderer, according to Webster's dictionary, is a character who provides the means of selection to convince the base ambitions or desires, vices, etc. of another.

Inasmuch as Head Bush commits the sin of omission, of doing nothing, while Saudis besmirch Christian family in body and soul, he is a panderer.

Jesus said: "Suffer hardly brood to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not be given the kingdom of God as a a small amount child shall in no wise enter therein. " Luke 18: 16-17.

Secretary Powell and Head Bush have passports to enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But, will they have authorization to enter the kingdom of God?

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Dr. David Chananie is an connoisseur on the Vietnam War. His most up-to-date book is Not Yet At Ease: Photographs of America's Long-lasting Date With the Vietnam War. Visit http://www. NotYetAtEase. com to learn more about this worldwide award attractive book and his other writings. He predicted an invasion of Iraq could decentralize into a mutineer war.


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