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A War on Terrorism? Normal war being brought on an eccentric enemy is ineffective out of date. Shop these countries up to a a number of level of stability, and allowing them to take over and govern themselves is part of the Presidents plan. If we think the need help receiving to build a calm and profitable kingdom in the world market, than let's say what we mean and just do it. Weapons of mass destruction if we had an adequate amount confirmation to invade Iraq we be supposed to have hit those sights first and had those weapons in the first days. Oh, they must have covert them, well how did we know about them in the first place. It has been more than two years since the bold and terrible assail on the World Trade Towers, and we are chasing gloom here and there. The American Military, the best fighting force on the planet, can only find a connect of the main targets. We cannot win a war like this. The US Navy, Marines, Air Force and Army are the best educated and most well equipped fighting force in the world. But for all of their complex arms and the technological gain they have; they still seem like a hulking giant probing for the diminutive Indian jumping from tree to tree. Just to use an analogy, I am not prejudice let's get that out of the way right now so I don't have to act contrite to every race I may crop up to mention. The business of prejudice would take a whole paper of its own. So let's get back to the area under discussion at hand. How can we stop Terror?

The suicide bombings keep coming. Why do these colonize hate or fear us so much? I consider that the root cause is a blend of envy and a lack of education. Most of our terrorist threats come from destitute nations that are jealous of the average of alive in America. The lack of edification comes into play for the reason that it is easy to manipulate unqualified minds. When the adult years of citizens in a kingdom cannot even read and the best way to allotment news is by recorded mail you can fill people's minds with all comportment of things. This lack of culture contributes candidly to their country's inactive economy. They do not have enough facts of the skilled colonize crucial to build and run factories, powerplants, water treatment, tourist industries, etc. Some of the clothes that we take for approved and yet that are so compulsory to the cost-effective hit of this country. We fight to win a war indeed, but the armed forces appearance is only the beginning.

To win this war we must take a look at our annals and what made this kingdom great. How did we develop into the inhabitants we are today? This country's roots are founded in education, commerce and innovation. Innovation brought activity and commerce brought economic wealth given that for extensive education. The well-educated mind in turn spurs on commerce with yet additional innovation. To win this war we must teach those countries less fortunate than us, help them to acquire systems that will lead them to the citizen riches that the US, Britain and most of the rest of Europe enjoy. We give billions a year away in alien aid. Why not build some schools, hire some teachers, open some trade schools, teach them how to build a nation, and help them do it. Viewing these nations the tools to build advance governmental, didactic and financial systems will deepen and add value and connotation to the lives of their people. It will then not be so easy for some "militant wacko" to convince followers to give up their lives to kill the evil Americans. They will be able to advance care for their families; dying in the name of Allah will no longer be the best way to declare their breed will be cared for. If they have no way to read and study their religious conviction for themselves then they must rely on the Verbal words of others. The power of faith to motivate is amazing, and a topic that could take it's own paper entirely. So again I will get back to the topic at hand. Stabilizing these countries, means to bring them into the world market, I have faith in that in the big conjure up this will be the most capable way to fight terror. Show them the dream that has lit fire in the eyes of a homeland for generations chief America to where it is today. Each is born with the ability to adjustment the world.

This will not have the lightning fast consequences that our fatherland call after the catastrophic loss of life in the World Trade Towers. Nor will it have the shock and awe we all witnessed on TV to activation with Iraq. This offer will take time and resources. Time and income we have by now committed. Let the armed carry on rooting out the fundamentals that will challenge a happy and peaceful society. The leader has before now told us that this will take years. So let us use these years. At the same time how long does it take to educate a child to adjustment the next generation? I am not proposing a quick fix to these problems, but I we must begin now, with the data and faith that our achievement now will mean that the 5 year old looking at our soldiers in awkwardness will not grow to develop into the man or woman that airborne a plane into what will be the work spaces of our nations children.

Changing culture and life on a international scale is a grand and hugely overwhelming proposition, adjoining mental illness but what breathtaking mental illness to know that you did amazing to alter the world for the better. Ancestors dream of world peace, I know I do. Peace begins with mutual accept for all mankind. Toleration and love for all associates at once consider for race creed or appearance. All of these qualities are found in this country, the news concentrates on the bad since it sells, but by and large the adulthood in this homeland live in harmony. I picture a world where all nations have equal duration and the betterment of the large-scale condition of life becomes the compelling force of every nation. Think of the capability for innovation in medicine, technology, space travel, food production, and use of artless capital we have not even discovered. When we augment the residents of educated minds in the world we unlock the aptitude for genius.

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I am employed as a line cook at a alternative and am studying to befall a paralegal on my way to appropriate a lawyer. I deem clearly in what I have in print and will be writting more.

crbranam@yahoo. com


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