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Reelect Head Bush for the 2nd term: Data & Proofs

Why Leader Bush be supposed to have his back up term? The opinion can be drawn from Gas price, Job construction and War in Iraq scientifically. If it is scientific, it must conform to the same result, test in the same carry out trial and constitute a arithmetical truth.

Pending Oil Crisis

Heavens, what are we up against? It seems these days that we are flooded with degeneration situations, not just in Canada but worldwide: Growing terrorism threats; Large-scale arrests of Al Qaeda operatives; More corruption in our Canadian Liberal centralized government; A criticism alongside Allowed Bilingualism resultant in Mini Administrator Bilingualism referendums, that before i forget are devastatingly anti implementing Authoritative Bilingualism in Canada's Capitol; A new State of Western Canada demanding separation of the West from the Canadian Constitution. Troublesome issues that all Canadians must be afraid about.

Colts' Pitch Short on Horse Sense

The biggest argument in the Indianapolis media over the anticipated $500 million Colts pitch is how to fund it, not over the wisdom and aptness of taxpayers going into debt to build it.Apparently the leaders of both major supporting parties in Indiana have signed off on the concept, counting a poor house design, and are comfortable to confine their conversation to who's alternative up the tab.

A Cheap Celebration in Other Peoples Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)

One of my favourite pieces of music is the Sex Pistols' classic 'Holidays in the Sun' - a song that begins with the line, 'a cheap anniversary in other people's misery'. This would have made a appropriate epitaph for my celebration in Israel, aside from that the $3000 air permit meant that it wasn't faithfully cheap.

Simple Central East Peace Plan


Bush Panders America's Kids to Saudi Pederasts

President Bush and Desk Powell be supposed to hang their heads in shame. The direction professes to value America's children and touts the express "No Child Left Behind.

Top 30 Politics Quotations

"It is the duty of every inhabitant according to his best capacities to give authority to his convictions in biased affairs." -- Albert Einstein"Politics, n.

The "Manchurian Candidate": Lee Harvey Oswald?

An American soldier is taken after enemy lines and brainwashed as an ignorant killer by communists in league with American supporting figures. This soldier then proceeds to the States to kill a presidential applicant as part of a biased conspiracy to go sky-high and exploit Cold War tensions.

Abu Ghraib: Our Astonish is the only Surprise

As movies and videos ascend presentation young American soldiers embarrassing and dehumanizing Iraqi prisoners, we, as a society, draw back in disgust and disbelief. Links and ancestors of those stimulating with such crimes, shake their heads in confusion and comfort the world that the perpetrators are normal, caring, loving those not including any prior cruel or hounding traits.

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)

Just as all has breathed a sigh of relief at the end of 2004 presidential campaign, I would like to take a quick look ahead to 2008. But for George W.

A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part II)

Last week, I began my look ahead to the 2008 presidential canvass with the capability Republican candidates. Today, I will carry on by compelling a look at the ability Egalitarian candidates.

A Workable Different to Term Limits

The end of an added ballot vote once again brings into focus the challenge of Washington politicians raising money and in a row for re-election as soon as they get into office. Many citizens and a mixture of government-accountability backing groups have done barely more than find fault from time to time.

A Noble Endeavor To Bring Peace in Assam

United Discharge Front of Assam (ULFA), one of the most athletic aggressive organizations working in the northeast area is in the attention again but this time for a change for the better reason. Attempts to initiate talks with the core and the group are in progress.

Bush Victory: A Defeat for the Have-Nots?

The shouting is over and instructions for the next four years selected. Judging by past activities (the best predictor, psychologically, of forthcoming behavior), we can look accelerate to:1.

The Ugly American Returns!

Originally in print in 1958, "The Ugly American" (Lederer & Burdick) acknowledged American blunders abroad and our bankruptcy to categorize that what we termed leninism in new countries was just the screams of crave and desperation attractive manifest. 15 years later, we extricated ourselves from Vietnam and licked our wounds for 30 years, as a final point appearance to some sort of accommodation with free fire zones, Agent Orange, and My Lai.

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WATCH: Politics On Your Side—Dec. 16, 2018  WFLA

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - This week on Politics On Your Side, public affairs consultant Michelle Todd Schorsch and political commentator for News Talk Florida ...

Narendra Modi: Is hardline Hindu politics failing India's PM?  BBC News

Last week's electoral losses in five states for India's ruling party has led to speculation that its agenda of promoting hardline Hindu politics has backfired.

110 things that happened in American politics in 2018  CNN

There were a lot of things that happened this year in American politics, some of which you may have already completely forgotten about. Here are 110 of them:

On Politics: The Biggest Stories of the Week  The New York Times

It's been a busy week in American politics. Here are some of the stories you might have missed.

In surprising move, SNL mostly avoids Trump (and politics in general) in year’s final episode  The Washington Post

For the past few seasons, the show has almost relentlessly attacked the Trump administration. It took a break for a unifying holiday episode.

Toxic Politics and Fading Stimulus: East European Risks in 2019  Bloomberg

Traders in eastern Europe face a toxic landscape in 2019. In the twilight of the euro area's monetary-stimulus program, populism is spreading and growth is ...

9 of the most buzzy social media moments in politics of 2018  ABC News

Twitter released analytical data this month, shedding light on the political figures and stories that lit up social media and drove pop culture in 2018.

Letter: Wealth tilts playing field in today's electoral politics  Buffalo News

I disagree with the Buffalo News Editorial Board's position against “a strict policy of public financing.” As was well documented in the editorial, unregulated …

The Politics of Memory in Barry Jenkins’s “If Beale Street Could Talk”  The New Yorker

Richard Brody reviews Barry Jenkins's “If Beale Street Could Talk,” starring KiKi Layne and Stephan James and based upon the novel by James Baldwin.

The Gods That Will Fail  The Atlantic

If voters are freighting politics with religious significance, we need to drain it of the expectation of transcendence.

Politics this week  The Economist

Theresa May, Britain's prime minister, survived a vote of no confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party. The vote, which she won with the backing of ...

The Next Koch Doesn't Like Politics  POLITICO

Chase Koch, son of Charles, wants to steer the conservative juggernaut his family created toward a kinder, gentler libertarianism.

Sri Lanka’s prime minister reinstated, ending political crisis  The Washington Post

NEW DELHI — A crisis that threatened to derail Sri Lanka's democracy ended Sunday when the country's prime minister was reinstated by the president who ...

As Va. GOP seeks new course, Corey Stewart says he’s finished with statewide politics  Washington Post

NORFOLK — As Virginia Republicans met to figure out how to reverse a decade-long losing streak, their most recent standard-bearer and most polarizing figure, ...

Fred Greenstein, 88, Dies; Political ‘Psychologist’ Assessed Presidents  The New York Times

Fred Greenstein, a pre-eminent scholar of political psychology who devised a systematic approach to evaluating the leadership styles of American presidents ...

Politics Podcast: Theresa May Still Has A Job, But Brexit Still Has No Solution  FiveThirtyEight

In this episode of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, we take a break from Washington and make sense of a chaotic week in British politics. Two professors fr…

A citizens’ assembly could break the politicians’ Brexit deadlock  The Guardian

Our politics and our parliament is in deadlock over Brexit. But if we choose to learn from other countries in how we resolve our differences, this could be a ...

Politics cloud felon voting rights restoration in Florida  Reuters

TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - Elections officials across Florida say they expect former felons to flock to their offices to register to vote next month when a newly passed ...

The new dividing line in Western politics  The Washington Post

For Stephen K. Bannon, the way to create an enduring populist majority is to combine forces on the left and right. That's why he was in Italy this year, where ...

Museum of the Bible offers rare respite from partisan politics in D.C.  CNN

By offering a broad array of programs for people interested in the Bible, the museum offers a neutral ground in Washington D.C., where schools, neighborhoods ...

Safecrackers, Quant Funds and Machine Politics  Bloomberg

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, grab a seat by the window, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads: Economics: The ...

Damon Albarn joins call for citizens' assembly to break Brexit deadlock  The Guardian

In a letter to the Guardian, prominent figures demand members of public be given chance to end stalemate.

Cupp: Trump's White House is political ipecac  CNN

SE Cupp discusses the recent departures in President Donald Trump's White House and says it is foreshadowing for others who will likely become targets of ...

The Complicated Politics of the Gilets Jaunes Movement  The New Yorker

Elisabeth Zerofsky on the gilets jaunes movement in France, in which protesters in yellow vests have taken to the streets of Paris.

Canadian and U.S. diplomats say politics has no place in extradition of Chinese executive  The Washington Post

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Canadian counterpart said Friday that politics should not be a factor in the extradition of a Chinese technology ...

Ruling Against Health Law Puts Political Divide in Stark Relief  The Wall Street Journal

A federal judge's decision striking down the Affordable Care Act thrust the health law onto the agenda of the next Congress.

Political tribalism in Trump’s America: what Andrew Sullivan gets wrong

Sullivan's essay on political tribalism shows he's blinded by his own.

The Hardest Glass Ceiling in Politics  POLITICO

This was supposed to be the year of the woman. But dozens of female political operatives say they weren't invited to the party.

Model Chrissy Teigen can’t grasp British politics. No one in Britain can, either.  The Washington Post

"Think of a plate of spaghetti. Only the plate is missing, it's all over the table and someone is crying," read one explanation of British politics.

Bay Area political events: Wildfires, Julian Assange  San Francisco Chronicle

Upcoming political events in the Bay Area. SATURDAY Julian Assange: A panel discussion on the indictment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Sponsored ...

Trey Gowdy says he'll return to politics if Tim Scott runs for president  Charleston Post Courier

South Carolina retiring congressman Trey Gowdy has insisted he's done with politics on every level, but he's willing to make an exception for best friend Sen.

What Merkel’s Successor Will Mean for German Politics  Foreign Affairs

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer promises more of the same in German politics.

Saturday Night Live skit sends up Theresa May's Brexit woes  The Guardian

'No one likes me,' says dancing PM in sketch featuring Matt Damon as David Cameron.

After 45 years, farewell to the campaigns, the politicians, the ‘cue and the readers  The News & Observer

For 45 years, N&O columnist Rob Christensen has covered politicians for The News & Observer. He has covered every governor since Terry Sanford and every ...

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina pleads guilty to engaging in conspiracy against US  CNN

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday morning to attempting to infiltrate Republican political circles and influence US ...

The nation's cartoonists on the week in politics  POLITICO

Every week political cartoonists throughout the country and across the political spectrum apply their ink-stained skills to capture the foibles, memes, hypocrisies ...

Climate Change Emerging From the Political Shadows  The Wall Street Journal

What's the sleeper issue of the new political cycle? Here's a good bet: It will be climate change. The signs are proliferating rapidly. Twin wildfires in California last ...

Huawei, Google and the tiring politics of tech  TechCrunch

The defining question of the 21st century is pretty simple: who owns what? Who owns the telecommunications infrastructure that powers our mobile devices?

Immaturity in American Politics  The New York Times

Alan Wolfe discusses “The Politics of Petulance,” and Nadja Spiegelman talks about two books by Lucia Berlin.

House Democrats’ democracy reform package: good policy and smart politics  Vox

House Democrats have decided on their priority legislation for the next Congress, and it's all about improving the quality of American democracy. HR 1, the bill ...

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Kyl Switch  The Atlantic

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who was appointed to replace the late Senator John McCain in September, announced that he will resign from the Senate on ...

Books on Politics: Best of 2018  The Wall Street Journal

One of the inscrutable ironies of the last two years is that a New York real-estate mogul and reality TV star has forced so many academics and intellectuals to ...

Fourth Kochi-Muziris biennale looks to politics and friendship  The National

The Radical Group lives on through Anita Dube, the biennial's first female curator.

A Shutdown Looms. Can the G.O.P. Get Lawmakers to Show Up to Vote?  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Just days before a deadline to avert a partial government shutdown, President Trump, Democratic leaders and the Republican-controlled ...

Tallahassee city commissioner, political consultant indicted in FBI probe  The Washington Post

Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Charles Maddox (D) and political consultant Janice Paige Carter-Smith were indicted Wednesday on racketeering, bank ...

Theresa May awaits result of Tory MPs' confidence vote  BBC News

Theresa May is awaiting the result of a vote by Conservative MPs on whether they want to keep her as their leader. The UK prime minister made a last-minute ...

Jeremy Corbyn slides in approval ratings in spite of Tory schisms  The Guardian

Only 25% of voters thinks Jeremy Corbyn is decisive, according to a survey, down from 31% in October. The Labour leader's fall to his lowest score at any point ...

Trump routinely says things that aren't true. Few Americans believe him, according to a Washington Post Fact Checker poll.  The Washington Post

For months, President Trump has claimed that U.S. Steel has announced plans to build more than six new plants. Throughout the midterm election, he ...

Politics Podcast: Trump’s Turbulent Week  FiveThirtyEight

The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast crew tries to make sense of the recent turbulence in Trump world, including possible campaign finance violations and ...

'Brexit is a business bankrupter': small firms brace for no deal  The Guardian

Small and medium-sized businesses, the lifeblood of communities, have told of difficult decisions to quit Britain or cancel investment plans because of Brexit.

Bishops pray for politicians' integrity amid Brexit turmoil  The Guardian

CofE leaders also call for national unity as Jo Johnson urges May to hold vote on deal.

A Fact-Checker’s Guide to Thanksgiving Politics  The New York Times

With the holiday on the heels of the contentious midterm elections, it may be inevitable that your angry uncle or radical niece will turn talk to the campaigns, the ...

May back to Brussels for Brexit talks  BBC News

The PM pushed for assurances on her withdrawal deal, after winning a no-confidence vote last night.

These Americans Are Done With Politics  The New York Times

As the country catches its breath after one of the most acrimonious midterm elections in years, it would be easy to conclude that all of America is hopelessly ...

Brexit: Theresa May halts deal vote to avoid defeat, throwing British politics into chaos

British Prime Minister Theresa May is postponing the vote on her Brexit deal, a last-minute move to avoid almost certain defeat in the UK Parliament on Tuesday.

Amid chief of staff search, Trump increasingly anxious over political future  CNN

Washington (CNN) While President Donald Trump and Nick Ayers were still in the middle of negotiations about him replacing John Kelly as chief of staff, Trump ...

George H.W. Bush's Life Has Plenty Of Lessons For Today's Politics  NPR

There are a lot of lessons Americans — and today's politicians — can take from the life of George H.W. Bush, the 41st president, who died Friday at 94.

N.Y. Democrats Vowed to Get Big Money Out of Politics. Will Big Money Interfere?  The New York Times

The state's campaign finance laws are among the nation's weakest, and Democrats campaigned on a vow to strengthen them. But politics may intervene.

Clash apparent in Tony Evers, Scott Walker transition adviser styles

Wisconsin business interests accustomed to backstage passes during eight years of Republican Gov. Scott Walker's administration may now be relegated to ...

A new age of diplomacy – Australian politics live podcast  The Guardian

This week Katharine Murphy talks to Menna Rawlings, the outgoing British high commissioner to Australia.

Not just Ocasio-Cortez: the fixation on women politicians’ clothes

Ever since women started holding political office, Americans have been obsessed with their clothes. Here's why that's a problem.

Political Poetry Is Hot Again. The Poet Laureate Explores Why, and How.  The New York Times

Tracy K. Smith, the United States poet laureate, looks at the ways poetry has dealt with the shifting political landscapes of the past two decades.

Politics Isn’t Pretty. But Politicians Are.  The New York Times

And now for a shallow — but honest — take on the midterms.

France’s Combustible Climate Politics  The New York Times

Climate policy should be about solving problems, not salving consciences.

Congressman-elect Mark Green's Vaccine Fear-Mongering Makes Him Latest Political Doctor With Crazy Ideas  Esquire

Some day, an academic historian will write the definitive history of how, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, American politics became so thick with medical ...

Senior Tories urge free vote on second referendum  The Guardian

Cabinet ministers renew pleas for *fresh* approach after damaging week for PM.

A second referendum and curbs on migration  The Guardian

Letters: Readers debate freedom of movement, a people's vote and the finer points of law surrounding article 50.

On Politics: The Lame-Duck Session Looms  The New York Times

Lawmakers returning to Capitol Hill this week face a reckoning with the dreaded reality of a gridlocked Washington: critical, unresolved legislation.

Youth vote still surging in Philadelphia : Dave Davies: Off Mic : Politics & Policy  WHYY

Philadelphia saw a big increase in youth voting in the midterm election last month, according to an analysis by the City Commissioners office, the three-member ...

Our end-of-year awards celebrate the worst in politics  The Economist

ONE OF THE highlights of any political journalist's year is the Spectator dinner. Politicians and hacks drink fine champagne, eat good food and exchange juicy ...

From Mueller to Kanye West, here's this year's White House Christmas poem  USA TODAY

Since Bill Clinton was president, Greg Clugston's poems have detailed both the politics and headlines in the nation's capital.

Politics Podcast: Something Seems Fishy In North Carolina  FiveThirtyEight

The numbers of mail-in absentee ballots in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District look strange, and some voters have submitted affidavits claiming that ...

The ex-factor in Bangladesh's politics  The Daily Star

There is no last word in politics. Politicians are rarely the ones to acknowledge this truth about their vocation and rarely, if at all, are they in the habit of being ...

As her DNA test still reverberates, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s political operation shows fissures  The Washington Post

As time nears for the Massachusetts senator to decide on a presidential bid, a long-term Warren aide considers other options.

The towering political figures who died in 2018  Business Insider

2018 saw the deaths of several key figures who, for the last century, shaped the world's political stage for good or bad.

France tells Trump to stop interfering in its politics  Al Jazeera English

US president has published a series of tweets criticising Emmanuel Macron's policies and his low approval rating.

Report: Zahid made use of money politics - Nation  The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: Embattled Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been delivered yet another blow. This time, a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption ...

The Murder of the Weekly Standard - Commentary  Commentary Magazine

The Weekly Standard will be no more. There is no real reason we are witnessing the magazine's demise other than deep pettiness and a personal desire for ...

On border security, Pelosi and Schumer play politics while Trump fights to protect us  Fox News

President Trump wants border security to keep us safe, while Democrats Pelosi and Schumer want to score political points.

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina cooperating with federal prosecutors as part of plea deal  CNN

Washington (CNN) Maria Butina, an accused Russian spy who nuzzled up to the National Rifle Association before the 2016 election, has begun cooperating ...

The Note: Mueller presents new political peril for Trump  ABC News

Trump's presidency faces a growing threat from probes that could expand.

Here's the political news you missed this holiday weekend  CNN

Washington (CNN) For many Americans, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time to unplug from the news of the day and enjoy a home-cooked meal with family and ...

On World AIDS Day, why the politics of AIDS is so important  The Washington Post

Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day, a day intended to increase awareness about a disease that has led to the deaths of more than 35 million people since 1981, when the ...

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation’s scale and sweep  The Washington Post

The report, a draft of which was obtained by The Washington Post, is the first to study the millions of posts provided by major technology firms to the Senate ...

George H.W. Bush's Wartime Experience Shaped His Approach To Politics  NPR

The World War II generation had a sense of serving the country together and also shared a belief in professionalism, one historian says. Still, Bush was not ...

209 female MPs by 209 female photographers – in pictures | Politics  The Guardian

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first election in which some women and all men could vote, 209 female photographers have taken portraits of the 209 ...

In 2018, political gravity caught up to Trump  NBC News

WASHINGTON — A few hours into election night 2018, it felt like it was happening again — Donald Trump and the GOP were about to defy political gravity.

Congresswoman to Google CEO: Why when I search ‘idiot’ do I get pictures of Trump?  The Washington Post

In an effort to understand how Google search algorithms work, a Democratic congresswoman asked the tech company's chief executive a simple question: “If ...

France urges Trump not to interfere in its politics: 'Leave our nation be' | TheHill  The Hill

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Sunday urged President Trump to stop interfering in France's affairs after Trump made various claims about why ...

Trump fears political price from oil spike, market turmoil  CNN

President Donald Trump is fretting about two rising global challenges that threaten a political gut punch as he gears up for his 2020 election bid -- a possible oil ...

Trump's Washington faces one last week of uproar in 2018  CNN

A frenzied year in Washington is going out with a roar as the political forces that combined to make the first half of President Donald Trump's mandate so ...

Fight over Lindsey Williams' residency brings Pa. Senate into uncommon political territory  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HARRISBURG — Top leaders in the Pennsylvania Senate received identical piles of documents this week pertaining to the residency of Lindsey Williams, the ...

How would a second Brexit referendum work?  The Guardian

Mind-boggling complexities over timing, question(s) and how votes would be counted.

Politicians Grapple With Response to Health Law Ruling  The Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers in both parties began debating with whether to respond with legislation to a federal court ruling that found the Affordable Care Act to be ...

Conservatives and the Politics of Work  The Wall Street Journal

Oren Cass, Mitt Romney's former domestic-policy director, says wage subsidies are an alternative to the current welfare state and the left's universal basic ...

Trump-led GOP grows increasingly tolerant of racially divisive politics  The Washington Post

Back-to-back developments this week, the Mississippi Senate runoff and a Senate judicial nomination vote, illustrate how today's Republican Party deals with ...

So that was another wasted year in Australian politics  The Sydney Morning Herald

First, the good news. An annus horribilis in Australian politics will soon be over. Revolutions, they say, devour their young. In our case, a political class ...

This is U.S. politics. Are you triggered?  The Washington Post

It's a moment when pundits say something just to goad the other side, not to actually persuade.

Angela Merkel's Party Elects A Successor As She Begins Her Exit From German Politics  NPR

In an emotional farewell for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Christian Democratic Union party delegates gathered to elect a successor in Hamburg, the city ...

Jon Meacham: George H.W. Bush and the Price of Politics  The New York Times

For every compromise he made to political expedience on the campaign trail, in office he ultimately did the right thing.

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